Things Are Really Not Looking Good for Cartoon Network Right Now

Cartoon Network has been a prominent and revolutionary part of TV and Western animation since its founding on 1 October 1992. They always seemed to be at the front of the race when it came to cartoons because they had a massive variety of shows that could appeal to nearly anyone.

Since the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, there have been almost no cartoons added to the network while cartoons have been ended, canceled and removed, left right and centre.

YouTuber Vailskibum posted a video on the 4th of September titled ‘Cartoon Network Has A Dangerously LOW Number of Shows Right Now’ which has over 153 thousand views and details the few titles that Cartoon Network is airing at the moment, and it seriously seems like the TV network is in trouble.

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The Last Few Cartoons

Victor and Valentino

2022 is the first year that CN seems to be struggling to generate content, as the awesome variety that they had once had has been quickly dwindling thanks to the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. One of the last few cartoons that was left on the network, Victor and Valentino, has ended, airing its last few episodes. The finale episodes were meant to have aired slowly according to Vailskibum but were aired over the course of just a few days.

With that show ended, there are but four shows left on the network, Craig of the Creek, We Baby Bears, Teen Titans Go! and technically Summer Camp Island (only technically because the last few episodes of the show will be airing on Cartoon Network after the show was booted from HBO Max in the recent slew of cancellations that have been happening). There are two other shows that are technically part of the network but not actually are DC Super Hero Girls and Total Dramarama which have not officially been canceled yet, but haven’t had any new episodes, or any announcements and they aren’t alone. There has been almost no news about updates on animated works independent from HBO Max.

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Cartoon Network Is in Trouble

Cartoon Network

CN only has four shows that are running at present, one of which will be ending soon (Summer Camp Island) and two of which are spinoffs and not even originals (Teen Titans Go! is based on the original DC Teen Titans and We Baby Bears is based on We Bare Bears). Craig of the Creek is currently the only original running on Cartoon Network, and the variety that they offer now is honestly sad compared to the variety that existed before the WBD merger.

Hopefully, CN will be able to turn this around and recover, making this dark moment in their history the beginning of an awesome rise to popularity again. As long as there are children in the world there will be a demand for cartoons and animations, and children aren’t even the only ones who watch their channel. There will always be a demand for animation, and hopefully, WBD can realize that.

Give the original video a watch if you would like a more detailed description of why Cartoon Network might be in trouble:

Do you think this might be spelling the end for Cartoon Network?

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