Astronomers spot black hole spewing out material three YEARS after shredding a star

A black hole has been spotted ejecting material three years after consuming a star, in what astronomers are comparing to a cosmic burp. Ordinarily, this sort of phenomenon would be witnessed during the event, and the Harvard University researchers are still unsure why the delay has occurred. They monitored the black hole for several months … Read more

NASA’s ‘doomed’ Artemis moon mission could FINALLY liftoff on November 14

NASA’s ‘doomed’ Artemis moon mission could FINALLY liftoff! World’s most powerful rocket is now set to launch on November 14 following THREE failed attempts NASA announced Artemis I will attempt its fourth launch on November 14 The 69-minute launch window opens at 12:07am ET, in which the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket will carry the … Read more

‘Dino-mummies’ might be more common than previously thought

Dinosaur found with fossilized skin on its legs and feet – despite its carcass being ravaged by scavengers 67 million years ago – shows ‘dino-mummies’ might be more common than previously thought Dinosaur ‘mummies’ may be more common than previously thought, experts say The term is often used to describe rare dinosaur remains that have … Read more

NASA will launch a huge flying saucer-like inflatable heat shield into space next month

At first glance at these images, you’d be forgiven for mistaking them as stills from the latest science fiction blockbuster. But the flying saucer-like object depicted in the images is very much real – and is set to be launched into space by NASA next month. The Low-Earth Orbit Flight Test of an Inflatable Decelerator … Read more

Sharpest Earth-based images of Europa and Ganymede…

Jupiter’s largest moons Europa and Ganymede have been captured in the best ever detail by an Earth-based telescope. The pictures reveal the mixture of chemicals that make up the frozen surfaces on the two moons, while also providing new insight to geological features such as long rift-like lines cutting across Europa’s surface. Planetary scientists from … Read more

Colossal one-million-mile-long plume shooting out from the sun’ is captured by astrophotographer

Colossal one-million-mile-long plume shooting out from the sun’s surface is captured by astrophotographer: Stunning image shows glowing stream of plasma that traveled 100,000mph as it floated off into space An amateur astrophotogropher took more than a million images of the sun over a six-hour span A solar storm was erupted, resulting in a the largest … Read more

Brain-like organ grown from human cells could be the key to uncovering autism

Brain-like organoids grown from cells of an individual with autism reveal hyperactive neurons in their brain may contribute to the disorder. Organoids are artificially grown masses of cells that resemble an organ and those used in a new study were developed to resemble the cerebral cortex, allowing scientists from the University of Utah Health to … Read more

Samantha Cristoforetti appears from ISS with her Barbie doll to inspire girls into STEM careers

She was recently assigned Europe’s first female commander of the International Space Stationand now Samantha Cristoferri has appeared in a new video from the ISS – alongside her lookalike Barbie. The Italian astronaut took time to describe some of the experiments conducted on board the ISS, as well as answer questions from five 8 to … Read more

SpaceX launches a Russian cosmonaut to the ISS amid global tensions over the war in Ukraine

SpaceX successfully launched its first female led mission, Crew-5, to the International Space Station (ISS) Wednesday, taking along a Russian cosmonaut who is the first from the country to board an American spacecraft amid global tensions over the war in Ukraine amid the first to take off from US soil since 2002. Russia’s Anna Kikina … Read more