that’s what health officials are paying thousands of management consultants

Public health officials have admitted paying more than 2,500 management consultants up to £3,100-a-day during the height of the pandemic. Lady Jenny Harries, the head of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), told MPs that they were still employing nearly 1,500 private contractors at an average day rate of £1,244 – roughly seven times higher … Read more

Bay Area health officers recommend masking indoors; region has highest infection rate in California

Bay Area health officers recommend masking indoors; region has highest infection rate in California Twelve Bay Area health officers on Friday recommended that people wear masks indoors amidst a new swell of COVID cases and hospitalizations. The Bay Area now has California’s highest COVID infection rates fueled by omicron subvariants, according to a joint news … Read more

North Korea confirms its first case of Covid-19

North Korea confirms its first case of Covid-19 as leader Kim Jong Un vows to ‘overcome’ the outbreak and state media declares a ‘severe national emergency’ North Korea on Thursday confirmed its ‘first-ever case’ of Covid-19 State media has called it a ‘severe national emergency incident’ KCNA news agency said the case was ‘consistent with’ … Read more

The Common Places BA.2 And Other Omicron Subvariants Are Spreading

Earlier in the pandemic, contact tracing data showed us where COVID-19 was predominantly spreading. Unfortunately, because our contact tracing efforts have slowed down, we don’t have as clear of a picture regarding where people are mostly likely to contract omicron and its subvariants. What we do know is that, while the virus has evolved to … Read more

Nothing can stop China’s slow rise

Shenzhen first started locking down in January. By March, Shanghai had gone into a total lockdown, with travel into and out of the city severely restricted, a strict quarantine regime, mass testing, and the closure of offices, schools and factories. Beijing has already started mass testing alongside selective lockdowns, and it would hardly be a … Read more

Covid US: NYC health commissioner considers mask and vaccination mandates as alert level raised

New York City‘s top health official says mask mandates and vaccine checks could make a comeback as the city battles a slight uptick in cases and hospitalizations from the omicron BA.2 subvariant. But one small business association says the return of pandemic restrictions would be a step ‘backwards’ that bars and restaurants ‘cannot afford’ as … Read more

Covid hospital admissions plunge below 1,000 for first time since before Christmas

Fewer than 1,000 people are now being hospitalized with Covid every day as Britain’s wave continues to recede naturally. It marks the lowest daily admission count since December 11 — before Omicron started to take hold, according to the UK Health Security Agency. NHS counts (798 new virus-infected patients) were down by a third on … Read more

US daily Covid cases surge 50% in two weeks as scientists rail against rolling out booster jabs

America’s Covid cases have surged by half in two weeks, but scientists say there is still ‘no evidence’ that top-up jabs are needed for most Americans — despite a Moderna boss today insisting more jabs will be needed by fall. Figures from states, counties and local health officials showed a total of 69,334 cases were … Read more

Covid-19 reinfections to increase as new BA.4 and BA.5 variants make way to Australia

New Covid variant arrives in Australia as experts warn to brace for more mutant strains this winter – and why we all might get it AGAIN very soon Tens of thousands of Australians could become reinfected with Covid-19 NSW recorded its first case of BA.4 sub-variant with BA.5 strain also to emerge Both strains are … Read more