Celsius Exchange Data Dump Is a Gift to Crypto Sleuths—and Thieves

The paradoxical nature of cryptocurrency’s privacy is that the blockchain, that unchangeable ledger of all a cryptocurrency’s transactions, serves as both a map and a mask: Bitcoin are easy enough to follow from one address to the next. But only a few entities, like the cryptocurrency exchanges that allow users to trade their crypto for … Read more

Visa partners with FTX in a bet that shoppers still want to spend cryptocurrencies in a bear market

Visa payment cards laid out on a computer keyboard. Matt Cardy | Getty Images Visa is betting that crypto investors still want to spend their digital currencies, even as prices plummet this year. The payments giant is teaming up with global exchange FTX to offer debit cards in 40 countries with a focus on Latin … Read more

How Norway’s central bank is trying out its own digital currency

A cashless society may not seem so far away in the distant future. But the current digital alternatives such as cryptocurrencies have proven volatile, while the other blockchain assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), have fallen out of favor since their hype. A different approach to blockchain payments is gaining traction around the world. Central Bank Digital … Read more

Bitcoin in crosshairs as EU goes after non-green crypto – POLITICO

The EU wants to shame the world of crypto into greener practices — and Bitcoin is first in line. The world’s most popular crypto will likely fall under a scheme to grade digital currencies according to their energy efficiency, which the European Union plans to outline next week and roll out by 2025, a draft … Read more

Launch of Waves School, the world’s first free cryptocurrency training school

· The school, which will offer content in over twenty languages, is a project of Waves, a top 50 cryptocurrency company whose goal is to offer transparent, factual, and safe training in cryptocurrencies MADRID, Sep 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Waves, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies, has launched Waves School, a school providing free … Read more

Where Central Banks Have Issued Digital Currencies [Infographic]

Cryptocurrencies have seen better days. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shattered the belief in Bitcoin BTC as a safe-haven asset, and the digital currency hit a price of around $18,000 per Bitcoin in early July—the lowest it had been valued since December 2020. Another blockchain asset, NFTs, also experienced an unexpected fall from grace … Read more

How long will the crypto winter last – and what comes next?

The crypto industry has endured months of tumbling valuations, scores of liquidations and thousands of job losses after the collapse of stablecoin terraUSD and its paired cryptocurrency luna triggered a domino effect across the sector. It has been dubbed the new crypto winter and has even been compared to the 2008 financial crisis. At a … Read more

Bitcoin Price Could Fall to $13,000 as Crypto Miners Cut Costs

Text size Miners appear to be using less electricity to produce cryptocurrencies. Mark Felix/AFP via Getty Images Bitcoin miners have come under pressure from a one-two punch of rising energy costs and falling token prices, but they might finally be catching a break. The problem is that it could come at the expense of Bitcoin … Read more

Bitcoin Prices Are Plunging. Red-Hot Inflation Data Have Knocked Cryptos Lower.

Text size Crypto prices have collapsed in 2022. Dusan Zidar/Dreamstime Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies dropped on Wednesday after investor sentiment soured following the release of key US inflation data. The price of Bitcoin is 4% over the past 24 hours to $19,200, having previously been edging higher, approaching the $20,000 level that it plunged though … Read more

Bitcoin Prices Are Sliding. Why Cryptos Could Have a Rough Week.

Text size Digital asset prices have collapsed in 2022. Dreamstime Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies slide back on Monday after rallying over the weekend. Digital asset investors are not immune to the fear of recession that has shaken wider markets, and the week ahead holds key catalysts that could see more volatility. The price of Bitcoin … Read more