How this mum overcame her toxic relationship with alcohol

Sarah Rusbatch has been completely sober from booze since April 2019 after years of binge drinking. Alcohol was once a fun, social activity for Sarah that transitioned into something she did at home, and with that came an increase in anxiety and mental health issues. The now-46-year-old was never a raging alcoholic, but instead was … Read more

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: I’d have my brain zapped if it helped me quit my chocolate addiction

Are you addicted to cigarettes, gambling, booze, or painkillers? Or perhaps, like me, you are a chocaholic, who sometimes roams the house looking for a secret chocolate stash or goes out late at night in search of the next fix, despite knowing the damage that fat and sugar is going to inflict on body and … Read more

Lager is good for you because it can boost your gut microbiome, study claims

Drinking lager is GOOD for your gut health, study claims – but researchers say you should only have one a day and keep it non-alcoholic Researchers have found having a lager a day can boost good bacteria in your gut Portuguese scientists found that non-alcoholic lagers had the same effect Greater bacteria diversity in the … Read more

America’s dark hazing history: How sick initiation rituals have been killing young men since 1905

America has a long, dark history of college hazing that has seen nearly 300 young students die in accidents while being initiated into Greek life. The latest incident to shock the country was the October 2021 hazing of Danny Santulli, a 19-year-old who survived severe alcohol poisoning but is now blind and wheelchair-ridden as a … Read more

Drinking one glass of wine each night with your dinner is ‘safer than having seven on a Saturday’

One glass of wine every night with dinner is safer than binge-drinking on a Saturday and going teetotal for rest of week, study claims US experts studied drinking habits of 1,000 Americans aged 30 and older Those having five or more drinks at once more likely to suffer alcohol problems Meanwhile, those who had one … Read more

Pictured: Two Missouri frat boys sued for hazing pledge Danny Santulli into brain damage can reveal the two fraternity boys being sued by the family of a 19-year-old University of Missouri student who was left blind and unable to walk or talk after being forced to down a family-sized bottle of Tito’s in one of the worst hazing incidents to date. Samuel Gandhi and Alec Wetzler have been … Read more

Dwayne Haskins ‘drank heavily’ and had ketamine in his system, medical examiner finds

NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins had a blood-alcohol level two and a half times the legal limit when he was killed on a South Florida highway last month, the Miami Herald and Fox Sports radio reported Monday. Two blood samples were taken, with blood coming back at .20 and another fluid at .24. The legal limit … Read more

Secret Service agents sent home from South Korea after drunken incident

Two Secret Service employees were shipped back to the US from South Korea this week following an alcohol-fueled confrontation with a local cab driver ahead of President Biden’s trip to the country, according to multiple reports. abcnews reported Friday that an agent and an armed physical security specialist assigned to go to Seoul to help … Read more

Will Young reveals brother Rupert would sleep in front of newsagents while battling alcoholism

Will Young has told how his twin brother Rupert would sometimes pass out on the streets ‘towards the end’ of his life. Rupert fell from Westminster Bridge in July 2020 aged 41 following a long battle with depression and an addiction to booze and painkillers. Will discussed his brother’s troubles in his Channel 4 documentary … Read more

Painless wearable gadget can measure blood sugar, alcohol and muscle fatigue at the SAME time

A new wearable gadget that fixes to the arm can measure blood sugar and muscle fatigue at the gym and booze levels at the pub. Created in Californiathe prototype can continuously monitor three health stats – glucose, alcohol and lactate levels – either separately or simultaneously in real-time. About the size of three poker chips … Read more