Selling drinks on Lauderdale beach is elitist

D: Cocktails by the sea? Fort Lauderdale may lift booze ban on sand, but only for hotel guests and beach chair customers

The city of Fort Lauderdale’s plan to allow upscale hotels to sell food and drinks to their guests on the public beach is a bad idea.

It’s using a public beach for private profit while discriminating against residents. City commissioners would have rich tourists enjoy food and cocktails on the beach while the Average Joe can’t have a six-pack and a sub sandwich. Commissioners would be discriminating against their own constituents.

This plan is elitist and it furthers the class and economic distinctions which curse our country. There’s an easy answer. Allow everyone equally to have food and drinks on the beach. As for hotels (or restaurants), charge them fees for their private use of public property, and use that revenue to pay for any extra police patrols or cleanup.

Tom Tighe, Fort Lauderdale

So many people have eyes but don’t see. So many people have ears but don’t hear. They live in a bubble.

The Department of Justice doesn’t seem to see or hear the overwhelming evidence regarding Trump’s dereliction of duty to the Constitution. What takes the DOJ so long? I applaud the Jan. 6 committee and all of the witnesses who continue to tell the truth about that terrible day in our history.

Don’t give up. That’s how the deniers win. We must vote out those people who refuse to see and hear the truth.

Barbara Morris, boca raton

TheJan. 6 attack wasn’t a random act by a handful of sore losers, but a premeditated and organized insurrection. Thanks to the hearings, there’s overwhelming evidence that Trump and his allies were at the helm.

We heard from former members of the Trump administration and Republican state officials about how Trump illegally pressured the Vice President, the Department of Justice and state legislatures to overturn the election he knew he had lost. When that didn’t work, he summoned an armed mob to march on the Capitol in a final, violent attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

These insurrectionists haven’t gone anywhere. More than 100 of them have already won their primaries. It’s up to us to do our part and vote to make sure they don’t win this fall. Should these dangerous candidates win their elections, we could have election deniers in key seats of power, like secretary of state and county clerk, ready to overturn whatever election results they don’t like.

Our democracy is at stake. If we want to hold onto our freedoms to vote and have our votes decide elections to keep our leaders in check, we have to cast our ballots during the midterms on Nov. 8.

Valerie Pitaluga, Planting

Nancy Pelosi claims the Democratic Party is running on kitchen table issues in the midterm elections. Speaking of which, President Biden claimed gas prices were a big issue in his family when he was growing up. From 1940 to about 1970, gas cost 10 cents to 30 cents a gallon. I remember going through a small town in upstate New York in 1963 and paying 17 cents a gallon.

I never heard anyone back then complain about gas prices. It’s another one of Biden’s tall tales.

The change in your pocket back then was almost enough to “fill ‘er up.”

Rick Malta, Boynton Beach

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