peppa: Iconic cartoon Peppa Pig introduces first same-gender couple, two polar bear mommies

After 18 years, the Peppa Pig cartoon got its first same-gender couple. The hit cartoon, which is famous among preschoolers, has now introduced same gender parents as the Polar bear mommies first appeared. Peppa Pig is a massive franchise with toys, a clothing line, and even Peppa Pig’s own tourist attraction called The Peppa Pig World.

In which episode were these new cartoon characters introduced?

• The new Peppa pig characters first made an appearance in the episode Families.

• The episode showed Peppa’s classmate Penny Polar talking about her mommies and what makes both individuals so unique.

• In the scene, Penny Polar says her one mommy is a doctor, and the other mommy cooks spaghetti. This episode was aired on Tuesday on Channel 5 in the UK.

• Tea Entertainment one production was also contacted for further reports.

Coronavirus attacks world’s longest running cartoon

The uncertain future

Even as the world grapples with the long term effects of the coronavirus pandemic, a cartoon which aired in 1969, and has been running since then, faces an uncertain future.


As per AFP reports, “Sazae-san” revolves around the life of Mrs Sazae, a cheerful but klutzy full-time housewife who lives with her parents, husband, son, brother and sister. The 30-minute episodes aired Sunday nights are very popular, and for many in Japan have come to denote the end of the weekend.

record interrupted

The cartoon, recognized as the longest-running animated TV series by Guinness World Records, has been hampered by the outbreak of the virus, with animation dubbing halted to keep staff safe, broadcaster Fuji Television Network said.


“We will halt broadcast of new episodes of ‘Sazae-san’ for the time being from May 17 and instead air re-runs,” it announced on Sunday. The network said upcoming broadcasts would be episodes from two years ago, adding it would announce a date for the resumption of new episodes as soon as possible. It is the first time the network has been forced to air re-runs since 1975, when the economic effects of an earlier oil crisis lingered.

Japan’s numbers

Japan has seen a comparatively small coronavirus outbreak with nearly 15,800 infections and 621 deaths. The country is under a state of emergency that was extended last week until the end of May, though the government is considering lifting the measures early in parts of the country.

What was the general public reaction after the episode aired?

1. The introduction of the same-sex couple in Peppa Pig has raised some eyebrows.

2. The new Peppa pig episode mentioning same-sex mommies has divided the audience base.

3. While many viewers have welcomed these new mommies with an open heart, some did not show the same support.

4. Peppa Pig is an epic cartoon aired in 180 countries and translated into 40 languages.

5. The British safeguarding organization Safe School Alliance showed support, tweeting it is nice to see same-sex age representation, which is also age appropriate.

Peppa Pig Polar Bear Mommies

• While this introduction of the Polar Bear mommies is appreciated and supported by many, it was a long way coming.

• In 2019, many campaigners filed a petition encouraging Peppa Pig writers to introduce a same-sex parents family.

• This was done to promote representation and inclusion for all children.

• More than 23,000 people signed the petition.

• Many believe that Peppa Pig’s viewer is at a very impressionable age. The inclusion of same-sex families will understand that all families are normal. Whether same sex, single parent, or two-parent.

Peppa Pig has a significant influence on young audiences, it is not just for entertainment, but children also learn a lot from it. According to many people, this new change will help the children of same-sex couples feel more included. Also will prevent other children from bullying anyone simply because they are ignorant.

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