Monkeypox: Leading sexual health charity says it can no longer support government’s ‘lacklustre’ communications strategy | UK News

A leading HIV and sexual health charity has said it will no longer work with the government on its monkeypox communications strategy due to its “lacklustre” approach. The Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) has withdrawn from communications meetings with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) because “appropriate action has not been taken” despite the charity “consistently … Read more

Consumer price index September 2022:

Prices consumers pay for a wide variety of goods and services rose more than expected in September as inflation pressures continued to weigh on the US economy. The consumer price index increased 0.4% for the month, more than the 0.3% Dow Jones estimate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On a 12-month basis, so-called … Read more

Black hole burps up shredded star

Artist’s illustration of tidal disruption where a supermassive black hole spaghettifies and gobbles down a star. Some of the material is not consumed by the black hole and is flung back out into space. Credit: DESY, Science Communication Lab In October 2018, a small star was ripped to shreds when it wandered too close to … Read more

Cryptocurrency Comes to the Charter Market

Its reputation may be tarnished in the financial and investment worlds, but cryptocurrency remains well-suited for charter transactions, according to a legion of boosters, as the digital coins’ quick, low-fee transfers and blockchain traceability make it ideal for such payments. Many of these advocates note that despite charter’s “ready when you are” ethos, airplanes don’t … Read more

Crypto markets to see ‘explosive volatility’ soon: Arcane Research

After weeks of reduced volatility, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) are likely to see sharp price changes in the short to medium term, according to one analyst. The current situation in cryptocurrency markets could potentially generate “explosive volatility” due to massive leverage and recent low volatility, Arcane Research analyst Vetle Lunde suggested. Lunde pointed to “leverage … Read more

Unexpected element found in atmosphere of hot exoplanets

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN — Astronomers have spotted an unexpected chemical element high within the atmosphere of two sizzling exoplanets where liquid iron and gems rain down from the skies. The two exoplanets, which orbit separate stars beyond … Read more

Celsius Exchange Data Dump Is a Gift to Crypto Sleuths—and Thieves

The paradoxical nature of cryptocurrency’s privacy is that the blockchain, that unchangeable ledger of all a cryptocurrency’s transactions, serves as both a map and a mask: Bitcoin are easy enough to follow from one address to the next. But only a few entities, like the cryptocurrency exchanges that allow users to trade their crypto for … Read more

Cartoon Network’s end may be near from merger

(NewsNation)—Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) announced on Tuesday it’s cutting 26% of personnel — a total of 125 positions, across scripted, unscripted and animation. Channing Dungey — who is both chairman of WBTVG and the first Black executive to run the entertainment division at a major network — called the move “incredibly difficult,” citing a … Read more