Neopets has been hacked and data for almost 69M accounts appears to be up for sale

Neopets, a popular virtual pet-keeping browser game born of the late ’90s, has been a victim of a data breach. Hackers claiming to be behind the attack say they have personal account info of more than 69 million members, along with a bunch of the site’s source code, and are willing to sell the data off for a fee.

The browser game has been wracked with cheaters (opens in new tab) for some time, but this just takes the cookie. Since the site has begun associating itself with NFTs, it appears to have drawn some unwanted attention. Now, it may have gotten worse, as the company investigates a data breach where customer data may have been taken off its servers. It says usernames and passwords connected to the platform may be affected, but email addresses, Neopets users’ ages, genders, countries, birth dates, and even IP addresses are allegedly being auctioned off.

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