Roe v Wade: Joe Biden looking for ‘solutions’ after Supreme Court’s abortion ruling as protests continue in Washington | U.S. News

Joe Biden is continuing to look for “solutions” after the US Supreme Court overturned the right to access an abortion in a history-making decision that has divided opinion across the country. The president has said his administration will look to police how states enforce bans on the procedure. Some White House officials have already signaled … Read more

Pictured: Norway terror suspect who is charged with killing two people at gay bar in Oslo

The 42-year-old man charged with killing two people and injuring 21 others at a gay bar in Norway has been named and pictured by local media. Zaniar Matapour is suspected of launching a terrorist attack during Oslo’s Pride Festival, Norwegian media reported. According to reports, Matapour was born in Iranian Kurdistan before arriving as a … Read more

Taliban say they will not interfere with Afghanistan earthquake aid | Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers have pledged not to interfere with international efforts to distribute aid to tens of thousands of people affected by this week’s deadly earthquake. Even before Wednesday’s quake the country was in the grip of a humanitarian crisis, with aid flows and financial assistance severely curtailed since the Taliban’s return to power. The … Read more

Saudi Arabian dissidents ‘being sexually assaulted and murdered’ in prison

Prisoners held for opposing the government in saudi arabia are being murdered, sexually assaulted and inflicted with “sheer” brutality, a new report has suggested. The study, carried out by Grant Liberty, a human rights charity, identified 311 known prisoners of conscience in the era of Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud –the kingdom’s leader who is … Read more

BREAKING: Giant 11-foot alligator kills victim after snatching them from side of Myrtle Beach pond

11-foot alligator snatches and kills man cutting his grass after rushing out of Myrtle Beach Pond A giant, 11-foot long alligator killed an unknown victim in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Friday after snatching them from the side of the pond Fire department officials said they were initially called to the scene of the Myrtle … Read more

‘A Really Dark Day for Women’

Pops star Billie Eilish reacted to the US Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade on Friday by trashing the United States during her performance in England, declaring that the decision meant a “really dark day for women in the US” “Today is a really, really dark day for women in the US,” Eilish said on … Read more

Norway attack: Mass shooting suspect ‘radicalised Islamist’ – as terror threat raised to highest level | World News

A suspected gunman charged over a deadly mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Norway’s capital Oslo is believed to be a radicalized Islamist with a history of mental illness, according to the country’s intelligence service. The attack, which killed two people and wounded more than 20, has led the PST security agency to raise … Read more

Biden administration signals fight to stop states banning abortion pill | Abortion

President Joe Biden’s administration has indicated it will seek to prevent states from banning a pill used for medical abortion in light of the supreme court ruling overturning Roe v Wadesignaling a major new legal fight. The administration could argue in court that the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of mifepristone, one of … Read more