A Link Between Humor and Body Image

Summary: Women who use positive humor to describe themselves have a more positive view of their body image than those who use self-deprecating humor. Those who have negative body image and use self-defeating humor are more likely to have worse eating habits. Source: University of Surrey Women who use positive humor to describe themselves have … Read more

Monkeypox: Leading sexual health charity says it can no longer support government’s ‘lacklustre’ communications strategy | UK News

A leading HIV and sexual health charity has said it will no longer work with the government on its monkeypox communications strategy due to its “lacklustre” approach. The Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) has withdrawn from communications meetings with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) because “appropriate action has not been taken” despite the charity “consistently … Read more

I thought my newborn had just caught his sister’s cold – days later I was terrified when he turned blue

A YOUNG family was left devastated when they learned that their 11-day-old son’s cold-like illness almost killed him. Chloe Hodgkinson, 22, from Haydock, Merseyside, was visiting her GP for an appointment for an unrelated illness and decided to bring her 11-day-old baby Joshua along. 3 Chloe is determined to warn other parents so that they … Read more

Olivia Newton-John’s charity makes major cancer breakthrough

Olivia Newton-John’s final gift to the world: Late star’s research institute discovers a major breakthrough for pancreatic cancer treatment By Kinta Walsh-cotton For Daily Mail Australia Published: 20:16 EDT, 12 October 2022 | Updated: 01:00 EDT, 13 October 2022 The cancer research charity founded by the late Olivia Newton John has made a significant discovery … Read more

Human-to-rat brain tissue implant boosts psychiatric disease research

Scientists researching ways to treat psychiatric diseases have successfully implanted human brain tissue into newborn rats, where it grew neural connections that stimulated the rodents’ awareness of the outside world. The experiments at Stanford University in California are the most successful attempts yet to get human neurons to thrive and function inside the brains of … Read more

Signs of dementia may be detectable nine years before diagnosis – study | Dementia

Scientists have discovered that it may be possible to spot signs of dementia as early as nine years before patients receive an official diagnosis. The findings raise the possibility that, in the future, at-risk people could be screened to help select those who could benefit from interventions, or help identify patients suitable for clinical trials … Read more

‘Polypill could avoid millions of premature deaths, heart attacks and strokes’

A combination of medications to treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol could prevent millions of premature deaths, heart attacks and strokes each year, experts have said. They suggest global health has paid a deadly price for not using simple, low-cost blood pressure lowering drugs, statins and aspirin widely in the form of a single … Read more

Signs of dementia ‘might be visible up to a DECADE before patients are even diagnosed’

Signs of dementia ‘might be visible up to a DECADE before patients are even diagnosed’ Experts said the finding could lead to routine screening for those most at risk The Cambridge team analyzed data on half a million UK participants aged 40-69 Participants underwent a series of tests including problem solving, memory, reaction times and … Read more

Human brain tissue implanted into rats integrated and grew with host’s brain | UK News

A research team in the US has shown that human brain tissue implanted into rats can integrate into its host’s brain, promising to give scientists an entirely new way to study brain disorders – but raising ethical questions too. Professor Sergiu Pasca and colleagues at Stanford University in California took sesame seed-sized clumps of human … Read more