Anime VS Indian Cartoons which is better to watch?

Anime VS Indian Cartoons which is better to watch?
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Well after seeing this headline Anime VS Cartoons most of people will be like, it a joke? because answer is very obvious, which is better and what our generation will prefer if given them these two options.

And why is it so why Indian cartoons are creating these disasters. The answer is simple yet complicated.

The following are few reasons why people before even trying to watch anime and here the reasons as follows:

  1. Anime and Cartoons are one and the same things

  2. Anime is just Hentai

  3. Anime is not appropriate for kids

As we see this list of complaints I think it’s completely Crap.

Firstly, The Anime is a cartoon most of the people say that because they don’t really know what it is and they just judge others interest or liking they don’t give a mind by knowing what their saying is just bunk.

Literally, I feel people should respect other people choice and interest.

If people want to comment on things which they don’t know about, they just go and watch though stuffs they like and keep they guff opinion to their self.

Secondly, Anime is Hentai well I have a lot of experience in these stuffs as my classmates used to tease me by saying you watch hentai whenever I watch anime or talk about anime, I just used to ignore them because only a real fan knows what anime is and for as for every otaku saying it’s “ART OF LIVING” but for me it’s “The WAY OF LIVING”.

And I want to clear this stuff too which I ignore or didn’t bother to explain my classmates is that Anime Is Not HENTAI Bro!

Anime VS Indian Cartoons which is better to watch?
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Like every Bollywood, Hollywood or any Source of Entertainment it has genres like Action, Comedy, Romance, Slice of life, Yaoi, Yuri and I love all genres in Animes expect Slice of life because I feel its little boring for me but, I did watch that genre too it’s just everyone has his own choices and interest.

Thirdly, Anime is not appropriate for kids well at a point, I can understand insecurity parents have for their kids but, the question is why only Animes are been judged by parents. They can allow their kids to watch Hollywood movie or series of Netflix but not anime.

But why, I agree Anime have some adult stuffs and dark theme and the shinchan all-time favorite among kids in India, one of the most popular series has genre of adult dark comedy.

And they do broadcast the same thing by censoring adult stuffs so why not Animes.

Well, I think anime is not just for entertianment it teaches many lessons of life by showing the truth and harsh reality of life.

Factual Comparison on Anime VS Indian Cartoon:

Let’s have some genuine comparison between both Animes and Indian cartoon with some pros and cons:

Animated Style:

First let’s talk about animation approached by Indian Animation Studio.

As we all know the animation style adopted by Indian Animation Studio is almost same for every character there is been no effort put in to enhances the quality of cartoon hence, the results its very boring and lame.

The mindset behind this is, if this works with the audience there is no need to invent time on building new animation style for every separate cartoon.

The other reason might be is there is no need for such high-level of animation need in Indian cartoon has there is no scenery plus action pack fight scenes in the cartoons.

On the other hand, Animes tries different type of animations to stand out in such an intensely competitive environment.

There are 1000 plus animes with different graphics and animations which stands out in all case.

Anime VS Indian Cartoons which is better to watch?
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The level of the animations is really high as compare to cartoons has there many professional animation studios involved in it.

Also, the true essence of the anime depends on the high-level scenes and epic battles in the Anime.

The way of approaching their audiences of all age:

Well has we see the cartoons from start are meant for kids and in kids because cartoons like Chota Bheem, roll no 21, motu patlu only kids can enjoy these stuffs at a point not even teenagers are interested in these stuffs nowadays.

Most of the crowd will be watching Marvel, DC or Web series on Netflix and also due to increase in the popularity of Animes among teenager and adults, various platforms are streaming Animes.


As everyone knows their Zero percent of storyline in cartoon like Chota Bheem or we see Motu Patlu so we will keep it short its completely waste of time even if kids are watching it.

Anime VS Indian Cartoons which is better to watch?
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At the end of the day your kids are not gaining any learning from it, just having fun because there is no other way to get entertain through TV broadcast.

As we see for Animes the things that are more focused are epic fights, thrill, suspense and a great storyline with opening music and songs.

Anime is nothing without a great plot. The engaging plot makes you to watch more and more and this cycle never stops with proper story ending which exactly opposite to our Indian Cartoon.

The way of teaching:

The Indian Cartoon are more focused on the teaching that are related to the history of India and the Ancient culture that has been passed through our generations (not for all cartoons).

Most of cartoons which are infact trending are vague and no one knows why is it trending because it’s just waste of time to even think to watch though Cartoons on TV.

And more importantly Morale of the Story is nowhere to be found in these kinds of shows which is again waste of time to watch or making your kids to watch though crap.

As we see for anime the main focus is entertainment but still, there are many direct and indirect teachings throughout the story.

There are all sorts of anime which will teach youTrue meaning of friendship”, “Never Give Up Attitude”, “Always chase your dreams” and many more there is no end for teaching and learning from Animes.


I have many things to say in this article but I guess for now it’s enough of my opinion on this topic and I would like to know your opinion about this what you think which is better Anime or Cartoon or any other point you want to include let me know in comment section.


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