Amazing Spider-Man 3 Fan Poster Recreates Iconic Cartoon Scene

A fan poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 recreates a moment from the 1990s cartoon with Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker pulled in two directions.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Way Home

An intense scene from Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994) is recreated in a fan-made poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Over the years, there’s been a plethora of different Spiderman adaptations, both live-action and animated. The most recent version sees Tom Holland portraying the hero in Spider-Man: No Way Homehis third Spiderman movie, and his sixth time playing the character.

The film picks up right where far from home leaves off, with Mysterio’s video revealing Peter Parker’s identity to the world. After a spell goes wrong, Peter is forced to deal with everyone who knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man from across the multiverse. This leads to the return of two of the most notable previous Peter Parkers, Tobey Maguire (who played the webhead from 2002-2007) and Andrew Garfield (2012-2014).


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Since the release of the film, there’s been a surge in interest surrounding Garfield’s Spider-Man, with many calling for a third film after Amazing Spider-Man 3 was cancelled. on Instagram takes their appeal for a new movie a step further by creating a poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 that mirrors an iconic scene from the ’90s animated Spiderman series and features Venom. The caption even quotes Peter 3 (Garfield) from No Way Home where he expresses his desire to fight an alien after Peter 1 (Holland) and Peter 2 (Maguire) bond over the shared experience. Check out the artwork below:

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Despite repeatedly denying that they appear, Maguire and Garfield’s returns in Spider-Man: No Way Home was the subject of rumors and leaks throughout filming. It’s easy to see the excitement surrounding the return of these characters based on fan reactions. However, positive reaction to Garfield’s return aside, there was a lukewarm response to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 back in 2014, which is in part responsible for the cancellation of the franchise. The infamous Sony hack also revealed plans for The Amazing Spider-Man‘s continuation, which contributed Garfield’s time as the character being cut short. Garfield has been very outspoken about how much he loved working with Amy Pascal (head of Sony) despite regularly clashing over creative decisions.

There’s been some confusion around the future of Spider-Man in the MCU. after filming No Way Home, Holland proposed that he might be ready to move on from the character. This was contradicted by Pascal later announcing Sony is working on three more Spiderman movies. Both statements were quickly revised, however, there is still ambiguity around what’s to come next for the character. With an unclear future for Holland’s Peter Parker, fans have made it clear that they would be in full support of an Amazing Spider-Man 3 with Garfield, should Sony choose to go down that path.

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