A salute from the captain of the USS Fort Lauderdale

To the men and women of the great city of Fort Lauderdale, thank you from the officers and crew of the mighty USS Fort Lauderdale (LPD-28).

While it has been nearly three weeks since leaving your fine city, we will never forget the exceptional outpouring of support received during our week in port leading up to commissioning day.

It is hard to find words that describe how grateful we are to be associated with you all. It is certainly exciting to know that over the decades, USS Fort Lauderdale will be in service to our nation, and we can always count on the men and women of our namesake city to welcome us back. It is truly a shared bond that can never be broken. May God bless you, all who serve, and may God bless America!

Capt. James A. Quaresimo, Norfolk, Va.

The writer is commanding officer of the USS Fort Lauderdale.

I have been a voting resident of Broward County for 50 years and for 33 years a Pompano Beach voter.

I was very upset to see my polling location of 33 years moved, and also not happy with the larger-sized voter information card which, fortunately, has been rightfully corrected. I do not share columnist Steve Bousquet’s opinion that Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott has good intentions.

My old polling place at the Pompano Beach Civic Center, which had adequate space and parking, was moved to the municipal golf course, next to Gallupi’s bar. I would like to know how this move and location was necessary or beneficial. It is designed to confuse voters!

As if I wasn’t concerned over what may be the most consequential elections we may ever experience, I am now actually scared that Florida’s elections will definitely be compromised. It is time to let Supervisor Scott know that people are aware of his deceit and a deeper investigation of his intentions should be undertaken. Thank you for listening, I only wish more people would read the newspaper.

Mimi Botscheller, Pompano Beach

Desperate DeSantis finds himself confronted with Florida’s school year underway, thousands of excited children heading off to school, and teachers not in the classroom for them.

Desperate DeSantis’ diabolical curriculum limitations have made teaching in Florida a toxic work environment. The educators who are in place more than likely need their jobs. DeSantis’s demeaning teachers’ college educations insults my 45 years of teaching, with a master’s degree, under a system that has allowed for teaching critical thinking to our future adult population.

Diane Pomish, boca raton

Do I understand DeSantis’s education plan correctly? Debase and devalue teachers in every way possible, lower their qualifications, then recruit right-wing military and police, along with conservative college kids, to take their place in the classroom.

Larry Baum, boca raton

Two years ago I had cataract surgery on both eyes. I have recently noticed a slight problem in the quality of my vision, so I called to make an appointment for a checkup.

I was given a time for an appointment seven weeks into the future.

I don’t waiting recall two months to have the surgery, where the doctor could make a few thousand dollars without having to spend his time having to talk to a patient.

Jerry Utter, Lake Worth Beach

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