The top 20 Covid symptoms right now revealed as cases surge by 34% in a fortnight

CASES of Covid-19 have surged by 34 per cent in the last two weeks, new data has revealed.

The increase in infections comes as many Brits have now started to develop cold-like symptoms as we head into the winter months.

New data has revealed the 20 most common coronavirus symptoms Brits are currently experiencing


New data has revealed the 20 most common coronavirus symptoms Brits are currently experiencingCredit: Getty

Data shows that there are currently an estimated 235,829 new daily symptomatic cases of covid in the UK.

This is up almost 34 per cent from 176,090 daily cases two weeks ago, figures from the ZOE Symptom Tracker app shows.

However, while it might seem like everyone you know has the sniffles – the experts at the app found that the number of colds are ‘declining rapidly’.

With testing no longer freeit can be difficult to know whether or not you have the bug.

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But the most recent data from app shows that the majority of people who have it are experiencing a sore throat.

The top 20 symptoms people are experiencing are:

  1. sore throat – 63.55%
  2. Runny nose – 53.04%
  3. Headache – 53.02%
  4. Blocked nose – 52.47%
  5. Cough no phlegm – 52.06%
  6. Sneezing – 47.02%
  7. Cough with phlegm – 45.79%
  8. Hoarse voice – 43.86%
  9. Muscle Pain Aches – 29.46%
  10. Fatigue – 22.97%
  11. Dizzy light headed – 21.11%
  12. Altered smell – 19.82%
  13. Swollen neck tassels – 17.72%
  14. Eye soreness – 16.41%
  15. Chest pain tightness – 16.26%
  16. Shortness of breath – 15.9%
  17. Loss of smell – 14.45%
  18. Earache- 13.96%
  19. Chills or shivers – 12.98%
  20. Joint pain shoulders – 11.08%

Professor Tim Spector, the lead on the ZOE study said despite an increase in cases, the bug is actually slowing.

Posting to Twitter, he also added that the wave of colds is also declining.

He added: “I was upset when I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose + sore throat- luckily I was sneezing which is a good predictor of a cold at present and not Covid (now antigen test neg!)”.

Since the Omicron wave took hold in the UK last year, the majority of people who get the bug are experiencing common cold like signs.

This strain has been proven to be milder than those that have come before it such as Delta and Alpha.

The spread of the bug may also be slower due to a mammoth vaccine rollout and the fact that many people have already been infected.

The new data from the ZOE app comes as millions more Brits have been urged to come forward for their booster jabs.

The NHS booking system opens on Friday to everyone eligible for the autumn top-ups.

Clinics have so far only invited over-65s and high-risk groups for the vaccines.

Health chiefs are urging Brits aged 50 to 64 to get both jabs to head off a winter “twindemic” of covid and flu.

Seven million people have already had an Omicron booster but this move will open bookings to a further 12m, while 33m are eligible for a free flu jab.

Amanda Pritchard, chief of NHS England, said: “The rollout is off to a flying start – we have invited and jabbed twice as many people as we did last autumn.

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“This could be an extremely challenging winter for the NHS so it is vital to get your protection against both Covid and flu.

“Please come forward and book in when you can.”

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