10 Cartoon Villains With A High Body Count

Every great story is driven by a terrifying villain, who fears nothing but their own defeat. Some of the greatest villains spend their time crowing about their victories to the heroes they war against. In contrast, others care little for their enemies and never lose sight of their original goals, only engaging in battle when absolutely necessary.

RELATED: 10 Best Cartoon Villains Of All TimeSassy, ​​cold, or something in between, the strongest villains all have one thing in common: their willingness to kill for their cause. Their lack of respect for life ensures that even as the bodies mount beneath them, they’re always striding toward victory.

10/10 Emperor Belos Tried To Wipe Out Witches (The Owl House)

As a Witch-Hunter living in a world of witches, The Owl House‘s Philip Wittebane found that killing one witch at a time was an irritating process with no real promise of victory. With that in mind, he set about finding a process that would see the mass genocide of all magical beings. He eventually discovered a draining spell that would remove all magic from witches and demons alike, threatening to kill them in the process.

It took Philip hundreds of years to develop his technique and his coven system to perfection and he killed many witches in the process. During this time, Philip also created many Grimwalker Clones of his deceased brother, murdering them when they defied him and then starting the process over again.

9/10 Simon Killed The Train’s Denizens (Infinity Train)

Once a sweet boy who needed assistance, Simon relied on Samantha to help him survive the Infinity Train. However, after Samantha left him, Simon learned to hate all of the train’s denizens. He labeled them Nulls and claimed that they were all just fake objects without real feelings.

RELATED: 10 Shows To Watch If You Liked Infinity TrainAs one of the leading members of the Apex, Simon led several raids where he brutally captured, tortured, and sometimes killed the train’s denizens. He particularly enjoyed throwing “Nulls” under the train, so they would be run over, growing crueler as the show progressed.

8/10 Gunmar Killed Peaceful Trolls (Trollhunters)

Gunmar, the villain in Trollhunters, hated how humanity forced trolls to retreat underground. He raised an army in a quest to take over the Troll-Market and rid the world of all humans. However, when peaceful trolls pushed back, Gunmar decided that trolls were too weak for his purposes, and created the Gumm-Gumms.

Gunmar killed any trolls who wouldn’t convert into Gumm-Gumms, doing more harm to his own kind than humans ever did. His reign of terror continued until he was trapped inside the Darklands, along with most of his army.

7/10 The Core Killed Countless People On Many Worlds (Amphibia)

Obsessed with conquering alternate dimensions and ransacking their lands for rare resources that didn’t exist in amphibian, the rulers of Newtopia came up with a way to live forever, transporting their psyches into a machine they called the Core. With this machine, their most malevolent and ruthless leaders continued to rule in the shadows, attacking many worlds in the process.

Although the Core had no physical body, its orders resulted in countless deaths. It killed indiscriminately, caring only for what could advance its own society with no regard for other sentient life.

6/10 The Nowhere King Killed Thousands (Centaurworld)

Centaurworld‘s backstory begins when a humble Elktaur split himself into two beings; the Nowhere King and the General, in an attempt to be with his love. Afflicted with the duality of their opposing natures, the General and Nowhere King began a war between humans and artificially created Minotaurs, each hoping to capture the other.

However, equally matched, neither leader was able to defeat the other, and so they kept using their allies like pawns, causing countless deaths and needless destruction. Although neither of these villains took many lives directly, they were both responsible for the lives lost fighting their war.

5/10 Telemachus Was One Of Hell’s Top Demons (Dead End: Paranormal Park)

Dead End: Paranormal Park introduced the demon king Telemachus, one of Hell’s top demons, who ruled over several kingdoms with an iron fist. The demon had lived for centuries, fighting thousands of wars and killing enemies and allies alike for sport.

Telemachus cared little for anyone. His only passion was for killing, at least until Courtney accidentally imprisoned him in a pug’s body. Telemachus remained cruel, of course, but the dog’s good nature usually won out from that point on.

4/10 Aku Saw The End Of Humanity (Samurai Jack)

Obsessed with selfish domination over the galaxy, the demon Aku wiped almost every human on Earth for opposing his reign of terror. He then opened up Earth’s borders to the galaxy, establishing his homeworld as a playground for the universe’s worst criminals.

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Both directly and indirectly, Aku was responsible for the deaths of millions. He enjoyed killing but was never satisfied with his success, eternally furious that he couldn’t defeat his worst enemy, SamuraiJack.

3/10 Lord Dominator Enjoyed Mindless Destruction (Wander Over Yonder)

Evil to the core, Lord Dominator was a thrill-seeker whose true passion was for draining planets of all resources until they were dead husks. This process killed every living organism on the surface of the planet, from plants and animals to people.

Over the course of Wander Over Yonder, Lord Dominator destroyed several planets, delighting in the fear and pain it caused. Preferring to do his own dirty work, Lord Dominator was proud of using his powers and machinery to personally deliver the killing blow to a person or planet.

2/10 Horde Prime Destroyed Countless Worlds (She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power)

Believing himself to be perfection personified, Horde Prime created an army of subservient clones to carry out his bidding, ensuring that they never rebel by creating a hive mind. With his army, Prime enslaved countless planets, forcing their people to bring him all their most valuable resources so that his power would grow.

Whenever a planet ceased to be useful to Prime, he destroyed it, ensuring that there would never be anyone to rebel against him. Because of this, he ruled unopposed, safe among his clones.

1/10 Megatron’s Decepticons Wiped Out Cybertron And Other Planets (Transformers)

In his bid to rule Cybertron, Megatron waged war against Optimus Prime, his former friend and virtual equal. Their war led to the rise of the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons. Autobots usually tried to capture or incapacitate their enemies but the Decepticons did everything in their power to kill their enemies.

Taking the lead on most missions, Megatron wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Autobots. Soon, it wasn’t enough for Megatron to battle against his Cybertronian enemies, and he sought to destroy every organic being, claiming that non-organics were superior lifeforms. With this mindset, Megatron was also responsible for genocide on several planets, making him the worst kind of warlord.

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