10 Cartoon Network Shows That Deserve A Second Chance

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is getting a reboot, much to the delight of many Cartoon Network fans. However, other fans feel there are other shows on the network just as serving of a second chance. Not every show that has aired on Cartoon Network has been allowed to tell their full story, often being cut down in their prime for a variety of reasons.

While some series have been halted after only a few years, there’s a few that were only allowed a mere single season. There have been plenty of Cartoon Network shows over the years that were not only great in their limited time on the network, but deserve another chance to be great once more.


10/10 OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes

OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes only aired on Cartoon Network for two years, but still managed to deliver an unforgettable three seasons in that time. Following the adventures of a young aspiring hero, KO, working at a hero supply bodega, the show quickly became one of the most charming entries to ever grace the network’s line-up due to its wholesome storytelling and endless amount of hilarious parodies and comments on kind of tropes.

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The show was notable for its gigantic crossovers, having everyone from Sonic the Hedgehog to Captain Planet make an appearance on the show. The show wrapped itself up nicely with an especially beautiful final episode, but it’s clear that Ian Jones-Quarterly and the rest of the crew had a lot more story to tell.

9/10 Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa was undoubtedly one of the strangest series to ever air on Cartoon Network, following the adventures of a magical old man who along with his friends (an anthropomorphic dinosaur, a sentient piece of pizza, a giant realistic flying tiger, and a talking fanny pack) attempts to help children all over the world with their problems using his unconventional and downright weird methods.

The show was a spin-off from the equally-bizarre Secret Mountain Fort Awesome (which itself was a spin-off from the original Uncle Grandpa short), and each of its episodes entertained fans with surreal humor and unbelievable plots that intersected with whacky unrelated shorts.

8/10 Sym Bionic Titan

Created by Genndy Tartakovsky, best known for the captivating SamuraiJack series, Sym Bionic Titan was another widely-lauded show that connected with viewers and critics alike for its impeccable blend of action and heart. The show follows two aliens and a robot in humanoid forms trying to fit into Earth high school after escaping from their war-ravaged home planet, the three capable of forming a giant robot together to battle the enemies pursuing them.

The show was canceled after only one season, largely due to it not being able to procure a toy line. Still, the show had such remarkably complex characters and such a deeply intriguing plot that fans are still calling for the show to return for an official resolution to this day.

7/10 ThunderCats (2011)

Another Cartoon Network series to only last one season, the 2011 ThunderCats was a reboot of the original 1985 series, featuring a deeper emphasis on storytelling with an overarching plot and darker themes, as well as a sleek anime-inspired art style. Despite receiving positive reviews, the show was canceled after only 26 episodes.

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Many fans have called for a continuation of the series, especially after the franchise’s second reboot, the 2020 Teen Titans Go!-esque ThunderCats Roar was heavily criticized for humorous style and tone and also canceled by Cartoon Network after only one season.

6/10 The Looney Tunes Show

Before Bugs Bunny was hilariously battling it out in MultiVersushe and Daffy Duck traded in the slapstick silliness of their original cartoons for a whole new kind of ridiculous comedy when they moved into the suburbs in The Looney Tunes Show. Now dealing with real-world issues, Daffy and Bugs faced everything from employment to dinner parties, with adult-oriented humor lining the plots while everything still ended in the usual brand of looney tunes chaos.

Daffy and Bugs weren’t the only characters to receive acclaim for their humorous and nuanced portrayal within the series as their respective girlfriends, original character Tina and a lovably reworked idiotic Lola Bunny, became hugely popular with fans. The show ended its run after two seasons, with subsequent looney tunes series returning to the franchise’s roots of slapstick shorts.

5/10 Infinity Train

Infinity Train started its run on Cartoon Network, airing its first two seasons on the channel before switching over to HBO Max as an exclusive series for its final two seasons. The series centered around characters trapped on a supernatural endless train filled with different environments, the only way to escape is to face the problems they are facing in life.

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The show followed a different cast of characters each season (with some overlap), and highlighted a variety of mature themes from trauma to identity. It was canceled after four seasons, though creator Owen Dennis has stated that eight seasons were planned, with a fifth already written. Infinity Train garnered a massive fanbase, one that has clamored for the show’s return online ever since.

4/10 Justice League Action

A more humorous and lighthearted take on the titular team, Justice League Action never really got a chance to showcase its full potential, only airing for one season before being canceled. Like Justice League Unlimitedthe show didn’t just follow the heavy hitters of the Justice League, instead focusing on the wide and seemingly endless array of members the team has, including often less-highlighted characters such as Krypto the Superdog or Booster Gold.

The show was a hilarious breath of fresh air in the midst of DC’s darker and mature efforts, and really highlighted some wonderfully authentic comic book goofiness that doesn’t get seen too often in adaptations.

3/10 Evil Con Carne

Evil Con Carne began its life as one of the two segments on Grim & Evil with its sister series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, both segments eventually gaining an official spin-off series of their own. But as where the latter would go to last 78 episodes over six seasons, Evil Con Carne only lasted for a measly 13 episodes.

The creator of both series, Maxwell Atoms, was given a choice of which series to continue, ultimately choosing Billy & Mandy and having a few Evil Con Carne characters pop up in the series every once in a while (and General Skarr becoming a full-fledged recurring character). Fans often wonder what the series following villains bent on achieving world domination could have accomplished if it had only been given more time, as it had just as many interesting characters and just as much wicked humor as Billy & Mandy.

2/10 Courage the Cowardly Dog

Considered one of the best Cartoon Network shows ever, Courage the Cowardly Dog followed the frightening adventures of the titular dog who went to any lengths to protect his owners from the supernatural haunting occurring at their farmhouse in the middle of nowhere (more specifically the town Nowhere).

Courage the Cowardly Dog managed to be unbelievably unsettling and scary while never losing sight of its fantastic humor and heartfelt themes. It aired for four seasons, one of its final episodes “Remembrance of Courage Past,” finally revealing Courage’s tragic backstory and causing audiences to desire the series to return in some way for a resolution to the events of the episode.

1/10 Teen Titans

The original Teen Titans series that aired from 2003-2006 is considered one of, if not the single greatest, animated comic book series in history. Following the titular team of young superheroes saving the day in Jump City, the show beautifully blended ridiculous humor and thrilling action through meaningful heartfelt storylines.

Its final episode, “Things Change,” ended the series on a major cliffhanger regarding one of its characters, something which upset fans even more when the series was rebooted as the comedy-oriented Teen Titans Go! that completely abandoned the serious dramatic elements of the original series and even outright mocked the idea of ​​having them. Many DC fans that feel Go!’s mere existence are desperate for the original Teen Titans to return.

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