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Alex Miranda’s a happy-go-lucky guy, and he’s having a ball at one SoFlo spot. (Maybe too much of a ball, since he’s not here tonight.)

We all want to be happy.

Pharrell (singing): “Bring me down, can’t nothin’.”

Except for maybe Dixie Damelio.

Dixie Damelio: “Sometimes I don’t want to be happy.”

Like kids! Kids are so good at it.

But in here, it’s hard to be sad, even for adults like me and my friend Amber.

Jody Charity Escobar: “The biggest thing about this exhibit is, it’s all about you and how you experience it.”

Happy-Go-Lucky is on the third floor of Aventura Mall, with 18,000 square feet of positive vibes only.

Jody Charity Escobar: “You can actually touch, you can feel, you can be immersed, you can interact.”

Featuring seven photo-ready rooms, starting with the Diamond Palace.

Jody Charity Escobar: “They find themselves in their own reflection, as they are the shiny diamond in the middle.”

OK, Rihanna!

Rihanna (singing): “Shine bright like a diamond.”

And moving on to illusions…

Jody Charity Escobar: “We have a really huge ball, in one of my favorite rooms.”

Ball? More like blimp!

Jody Charity Escobar: “If you can balance it on your head, I dare you, just to see how long you can keep it.”

And the room is yellow and black, so…

Nicki Minaj (rapping): “I beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap. I beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap.”

And, like Doja Cat would probably say about their kaleidoscope, get into it, yuh.

Doja Cat (rapping): “Yeah, ay. hey, ay, yeah. They say I just got a buck, ay. Get into it, yuh. Pop out with a truck, ha, get into it, yuh, yeah. If you go to church, I said, get into it, yuh.”

Speaking of artists, get into their stash of art supplies in this immersive art center.

Jody Charity Escobar: “Crayons, markers, and once you design your artwork, you scan it. It gets animated, and it starts flying around the sky.”

Or how about the…

Jody Charity Escobar: “Pure pearl pool. Say that one more time, sorry?”

Amber: “Pure pearl pool!”

Alex Miranda: “Pure pearl p…”

Jody Charity Escobar: “You’re welcome to jump, you’re welcome to play, you’re welcome to actually relax.”

Whatever it’s called!

Amber: “Pure pearl pool!”

Alex Miranda: “There’s no pearls anywhere, Amber! These are white balls!”

Flower infinity is great and all, too, but…

Alex Miranda: “Amber, what do you think? Does my butt look big?”

Amber: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “Yes!”

Take selfies. Play beach ball.

Jody Charity Escobar: “Find that piece of you that’s never been seen before. How about you come and post that?”

Just don’t get stuck in the TV.

Tickets start at $29. Children are $22. Three and under are free.

Amber: “Alex, how long have we been here? Alex!”

Alex Miranda: “Amber, what time is it?”

The Happy-Go-Lucky Exhibit
Adventure Mall
19501 Biscayne Blvd.
Aventura, FL 33180

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