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A Pembroke Pines woman accused of shooting and killing her fiance’s 15-year-old son at a Pembroke Pines home last month had been waving the gun around and said she didn’t think it was loaded before she fired the fatal shot, according to a new arrest warrant.

The warrant released Wednesday offers new details in the June 11 shooting that left 15-year-old Achilles Lopez dead and 24-year-old Francy Marcos facing a manslaughter charge.

Pembroke Pines Police officials announced Tuesday that they were filing the charge against Marcos.

According to the warrant, the shooting happened as Marcos, Lopez, his two younger brothers and Lopez’s best friend were getting ready to leave for dinner at a nearby restaurant.


Francy Marcos

As they were getting ready, Marcos grabbed the handgun that was in a holster near the front door and pointed it at one of the people in the home, who told her not to play with the gun, the warrant said.

Marcos then removed the gun from the holster and removed the magazine from the gun before she pointed it at the person again, then pointed it at the family dog ​​while laughing, the warrant said.

The person again told Marcos to stop playing with the gun and left the home, and was “hiding behind the partially closed front door using it as a shield in fear for his safety,” the warrant said.

NBC 6 anchor Cherney Ahmara has the latest on the incident that shook an entire neighborhood earlier this summer.

He closed the front door and started walking to the car when he heard a gunshot and ran back inside the home and saw Lopez holding his chest and bleeding profusely while Marcos was “in a frantic state,” the warrant said.

Lopez collapsed and the person ran to get his father, who was in the pool, the warrant said.

Marcos called 911 and was heard saying mostly in Spanish “Wake up, can you come…police please,” the warrant said.

Later in the call Marcos told the operator “It was me. I pointed it…I pointed it” and is heard telling Lopez to “wake up,” the warrant said.

At one point the operator asked her if she shot her son by mistake and she said yes, the warrant said.

The first call ended and Marcos called 911 a second time, and a man can be heard in the background saying “You killed him, Francy you killed him…why? Francy you killed him with the gun…No please…wake up,” the warrant said.

New details were released in the unintentional killing of a teenager in Pembroke Pines. NBC 6’s Alyssa Hyman reports

Responding officers moved the younger children upstairs so they wouldn’t have to watch first responders trying to save the teen’s life, the warrant said.

Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue responded and brought the teen to Memorial Regional Hospital where he died from the gunshot wound to the chest.

When Marcos was interviewed by detectives, she admitted she pointed the gun at Lopez and the family dogs, but said she didn’t think it was loaded when she pulled the trigger, and said she didn’t intend to shoot the teen, the warrant said.

“The investigation has led to the death being caused by the intentional actions of Marcos waving around a firearm at children and shooting the decedent in the chest at a distance within about two to three feet,” the warrant said.

Marcos was booked into jail and later released on bond. Attorney information was not available.

Lopez was a member of the Miramar United Elite FC soccer team.


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