10 Cartoon Sidekicks Who Got In The Way

In the majority of cartoons, the protagonist usually has a sidekick to help them in their mission or provide emotional support. Throughout the protagonist’s journey, some sidekicks remain the butt of every joke, but others learn to grow and develop into a stronger character.

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Character development takes time and a great majority of sidekicks are usually more of a hindrance than a help, no matter how good their intentions are. While the protagonist does their best to complete their mission, they are usually sidetracked or temporarily give up on their goals to save their friends. Some cartoon heroes wonder why they even have a sidekick if they’re constantly going to get in the way.

10 Penfold Was Codenamed The Jigsaw (Danger Mouse)

Danger Mouse‘s lovable hamster assistant, Penfold, was given the codename Jigsaw by his friends and employer because he falls to pieces whenever he’s faced with a problem or inconvenience. On the majority of Danger Mouse’s missions, Penfold was always moaning that he had been dragged along.

Penfold was only thinking about himself, and almost always slowed Danger Mouse down. On more than one occasion, Danger Mouse’s enemies saw how much of a hindrance Penfold was. So, they used him as a pawn in their plans.

9 Mandy Was Only A Spy For A Day (Totally Spies)

Mandy was the well-known antagonist of the fashion-forward hero show Totally spies. However, in the episode “Evil Coffee Shop Much?,” Mandy became a spy for Whoop and was placed on Sam, Alex, and Clover’s team for her training.

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During the episode, Mandy whined constantly, refused to fight, wouldn’t use her gadgets, and even tried to brag to several people that she was a spy. Mandy became such a hindrance to Whoop that she was removed from the team by the end of the episode. Her memories were erased so that she could never tell anyone of her escapades.

8 Monterey Jack Was Addicted To Cheese (Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers)

Monterey Jack was the muscle of the Rescue Rangers team, leaving the inventing to Gadget and the detective work to Chip and Dale. There were a great many times that Monterey Jack was helpful, especially when he used his superior strength to help his team.

However, Monterey Jack’s one great weakness was his love for cheese. Whenever he spotted a lump of cheddar or got a whiff of brie, he would make eating his new mission. The villains often baited and captured him using his love of cheese, separating him from his team and making him the target of his friends’ rescue work.

7 Tough Luck Chuck Was A Malfunctioning Robot (Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy)

In Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy, Tough Luck Chuck was the test robot made for Rescue Bot Recruits and was used as a crash dummy. Despite advanced Cybertronian technology, Chuck was only built with the most basic of parameters in mind. As such, he was never made to last through all the recruit’s training missions.

From the very first episode of Rescue Bots Academy, Chuck was prone to malfunction. This led the recruits on impromptu rescue missions as they tried to keep living Cybertronian technology away from the prying eyes of the public.

6 Blunk Constantly Caused Trouble (WITCH)

With his unique talent for smelling portals between worlds, Blunk became an invaluable sidekick to the Guardians of the Veil. Still, most of the Guardians didn’t want Blunk anywhere near them. Despite his allegiance to the heroes, he spent the majority of his time causing trouble for his allies.

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With a mischievous nature and sticky fingers, Blunk’s thieving ways often got him into battles that he wasn’t prepared to handle. With no notable fighting skills, Blunk also needed rescuing on many occasions. Had he not been able to locate portals, he would have been kicked off the Guardians’ team without hesitation.

5 The Herd Hindered Horse Just As Much As They Helped Her (Centaurworld)

On her mission to return home to Rider, and later defeat the Nowhere King, Horse found herself constantly sidetracked by her new herd. The herd cared little for serious matters and often only wanted to have fun. Horse needed her to navigate Centaurworld, but they still didn’t make things easy for her.

Wammawink never wanted Horse to leave, so she created distractions to keep Horse with her. Zulius was too self-absorbed to pay attention to Horse’s needs. Glendale was often sidetracked with her thieving, which usually did more harm than good. Ched tried to make Horse suffer. Durpleton was too stupid for his own good, needing all the protection he could get to avoid dying in a foolish manner. With friends like that slowing Horse down, she didn’t need any enemies to waylay her further.

4 Scrappy Doo Was Too Eager To Fight (Scooby-Doo)

Despite being a part of the mystery gang of Scooby-Doo, young Scrappy-Doo cared little for solving mysteries. Instead, he was more focused on doling out his own personal brand of justice by threatening to battle any villains he came across. Although Scrappy meant well and was always on the side of the heroes, his tenacious attitude caused more problems for his friends.

Being young, inexperienced, and small in stature, Scrappy-Doo was never able to finish the fights he started. Once he learned this, the plucky pup was eager to volunteer his uncle Scooby to fight in his stead, despite Scooby’s wishes to run from conflict.

3 Howard Wanted Randy To Use His Powers For Personal Gain (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)

With the NinjaNomicon as his guide, Randy Cunningham was the ninth-grade ninja of his school, often protecting the building from the forces of evil. The NinjaNomicon taught him that his powers should only be used when needed.

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At the same time, Randy’s best friend Howard told him that there was no point in having powers if he didn’t use them for personal gain every once in a while. Randy’s missions tended to go awry when Howard was involved because as far as sidekicks go, Howard was self-centered, mischievous, and never did what he was told.

2 Soos Was Easily Distracted (Gravity Falls)

In Gravity Falls, Soos was the loyal handyman to the mystery shack. Here, he learned many odd, niche skills that occasionally helped Dipper and Mabel on their adventures. Most of the time that Soos helped his friends was by accident because he stumbled upon things that he didn’t realize were clues.

As loving and loyal as Soos was, he was also clumsy and foolish. These qualities usually led him and his friends into dangerous situations. Although Soos always meant well, his friends couldn’t help but get annoyed with him when he got in the way during adventures.

1 Ron Stoppable Always Needed Saving (Kim Possible)

In a show all about girl power, it stands to reason that Ron Stoppable would be the bumbling sidekick and would always need his friend Kim Possible to come to his rescue. For the most part, Ron was around to be her emotional support.

While Kim was adventuring as a super-spy heroine, Ron was usually the butt of the joke to the villain. On several missions, Ron got in the way of Kim’s goals, and he was captured by villains on multiple occasions. Still, viewers loathe thinking about where Kim would be without her partner.

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