10 Cartoons That Are Only Worth Watching Once

Some shows are just too good to watch once. Others, however, provide audiences with an enjoyable enough experience to leave the series at one viewing. Sometimes there is no need to rewatch a show, whether it be because the story is too heartbreaking to relive the characters’ pain, because the plot just isn’t compelling enough, or because it gets across its message in one go.

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Animated series are not exempt from this notion. Cartoons for adults and younger audiences can be heartwarming, entertaining, or even dull. With the multitude of cartoons on Disney+ or on the more mature Adult Swim, there are plenty of series for fans to sink their teeth into, if only once.

10 The Owl House Is Creative And Heartwarming

Created by Dana Terrace, The Owl House is a Disney fantasy cartoon that’s currently airing on Disney+. The Owl House has quickly become a fan favorite and is the first Disney property to feature a same-sex couple in leading roles, as well as the first to feature a same-sex kiss involving lead characters.

The Owl House follows Luz, a human girl who stumbles through a portal to another world. Here, she discovers her dream of becoming a witch and finds herself welcomed into a new family. The Owl House follows in the steps of the equally popular Steven Universe. However, The Owl House is best enjoyed through one watch to capture the show’s magic, rather than overcooking its beautiful story through rewatches.

9 Matt Groening’s Disenchantment Features Oddball Adventures In Medieval Times

Disenchantment is the latest project spawned by The Simpsons and Futurama producer Matt Groening. The cartoon follows the misadventures of an alcoholic young princess named Bean through the medieval kingdom of Dreamland. Disenchantment is a tongue-in-cheek fantasy adventure that’s aimed at adult audiences, putting a crude spin on well-loved fantasy tales.

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Disenchantment currently has four seasons and is available to watch on Netflix. Unlike Futurama gold The Simpsons, it is missing much of the rewatchability that Groening’s previous shows captured. Jokes are funny on a first watch but fall flat on a second viewing, making Disenchantment ideal for a one-time binge.

8 The Origins Of League Of Legends Is Captured In Arcane

Netflix’s Arcane absolutely stole the show upon its release in November 2021 for its excellent story and its groundbreaking graphics. Barthelemy Maunoury, the animation director for Arcaneexplained that “the backgrounds are digitally hand-painted and the texture on the characters is crafted to get that graphical look that fits with the environment.”

While League of Legends players will get the most out of watching Arcane (as the show tackles the game characters’ origins), Arcane is still a must-watch for any fantasy, dystopia, or animation fan. Viewers will best enjoy the story after only one watch, however, to get the most out of the suspenseful plot twists and character reveals. These twists and reveals lose their magic on a second watch.

7 Invincible Is An Entertaining Adult Superhero Cartoon

Invincible takes adult superhero cartoons to a new level. It follows teen Mark Grayson, the son of Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on the planet. Mark develops powers of his own but discovers that his father has much darker plans in mind for him.

Invincible explores the realities of being a superhero, treading the line between a teen-hero drama (such as Smallville) and a dark thriller (like The Boys gold watch men). Being only one season long, Invincible is an ideal show to binge-watch over the weekend and will leave viewers reeling from its explosive finale.

6 Unlikely Heroes Band Together To Fight Evil In The Legend Of Vox Machina

The Legend of Vox Machina is a fantastic Amazon Original show that follows a band of unlikely heroes who find themselves on a quest to save the realm of Exandria from dark magical forces. The show is animated similarly to the popular Avatar: The Last Airbender franchiseputting a Western spin on well-known anime tropes.

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Vox Machina currently has one season of twelve episodes, making it an ideal binge-watch show. Vox Machina also boasts interesting characters and an easy-to-follow adventure storyline. Vox Machina is ideal for a one-time watch as it gets its story and themes across in a one-and-done manner.

5 Human Resources Is Big Mouth’s Bizarre Spin-Off

HumanResourcesthe spin-off of the popular sitcom Big Mouthis a new series that started airing in March this year. With only ten episodes, it is a short but hilarious workplace comedy. HumanResources follows the daily lives of Hormone Monsters, Depression Kitties, Shame Wizards, and other creatures that help humans journey through everyday life.

HumanResources captures the essence of Big Mouth wonderfully, though many fans have observed that the storyline is shallow and at times inconsistent, making it a great contender for a one-time watch. Moreover, viewers who have not seen Big Mouth might be left a little confused by the show and its many references.

4 Paradise PD Features Hapless Cops In A Backwater Town

Paradise PD is a cartoon with three seasons currently on Netflix. Paradise PD follows a poor-performing police department in a small backwater town where the hapless cops struggle to do their jobs. Like many cartoons, it has unique and bizarre characters, including a talking dog.

Paradise PD is best suited to audiences who want something entertaining on in the background. It is full of crude jokes and humor. As the story is essentially non-existent, it is best enjoyed once and is followable through ad-hoc viewing.

3 Brickleberry Is Paradise PD’s Spiritual Predecessor

brickleberry shares the same creators, a similar cast, and the same basic archetypes for its characters, locations, and plots as Paradise PD. brickleberry, which follows the rangers of Brickleberry National Park as it is facing its demise as a tourist attraction, is much more popular than its successor Paradise PD.

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That being said, brickleberry was canceled after its third season. So, it is a nice and compact sitcom for fans of the likes of Family Guy, American Dad, and South Park to enjoy. Fans of adult humor (albeit not entirely witty) will love brickleberry.

2 Hilda Follows A Fearless Girl On Fantastical Adventures

hilda has an unusual score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show follows Hilda, a fearless blue-haired girl, as she travels from a wilderness full of mystical creatures to a bustling city. Along her journey, Hilda makes new friends. With a unique art style, hilda is whimsical and entertaining with an easy-to-follow story and interesting characters.

As the story is so simple (seeing as it is geared toward younger viewers), audiences have noted that it can be a little monotonous and predictable. However, for viewers wanting a feel-good show, hilda is ideal for a one-time watch.

1 Dug Days Is Wholesome And Easy To Watch

As a spin-off of the popular Disney-Pixar movie Upthe one-season cartoon Dug Days was bound to do well. Dug Days follows the titular Dug, Carl’s lovable sidekick, on many misadventures through the quiet suburbia he lives in.

With each episode having its own contained story, Dug Days is perfect for ad-hoc one-time viewing. It is feel-good, silly, and yet totally lovable; just like Dug. Being a family show, Dug Days is perfect to watch with kids or alone, with the animation making the characters fly off the screen.

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