Takeaways in Norwich that everyone should try at least once

7:45 AM June 11, 2022

Whether you are celebrating or fancy a break from cooking – ordering a takeaway can be a welcome treat any day of the week.

But with so much choice in Norwich, it can be hard to decide which dish will hit the spot.

To give you some inspiration here are seven takeaways that everyone should try at least once in the city, according to our reporters.

1. Shish Go

The mixed grill from Shish Go, which included chicken and lamb shish and kofte, chicken wings and salad.
– Credit: Lauren Cope

Where: 163 Plumstead Road, Norwich, NR1 4AB

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 3pm – 11pm, Friday to Saturday 3pm – 11.30pm, Sunday 4pm – 11pm

Jessica Long, live news editor, said: “Full of flavor and with lots of variety – it is always a treat to order from this Turkish takeaway.

“When ordering with a group, we always go for the chicken platter which comes with chicken shish, chicken kofta, and chicken wings.

“The meat is super juicy and packed with spicy smoky flavours.

“The baklava is also worth adding to your order.”

2. Good Food Tandoori

Good Food Tandoori in St Stephens Road

Good Food Tandoori in St Stephens Road is Rosanna Elliott’s favorite place for a takeaway
– Credit: Google

Where: 15 St Stephens Road, Norwich, NR1 3SP

Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 5pm – 10pm

Rosanna Elliott, audience development manager, said: “It is great value for money, always tasty food and the staff are really friendly and personable.

“Our favorite things to order are chicken nobabi, which is a rich, almost sweet, curry and sag paneer.

“The eggplant side dish brinjal bhaji is also really tasty.”

3. The Kimchi

Korean restaurant The Kimchi opened a year ago selling authentic dishes and even its own version of

Korean restaurant The Kimchi
– Credit: Archant

Where: 4A Brigg Street, Norwich, NR2 1QN

Opening times: Tuesday 5.30pm – 10pm, Wednesday to Saturday 12pm – 3pm and 5.30pm – 10pm and Sunday 12pm – 3.30pm

Sophie Skyring, reporter, said: “My vote would have to be The Kimchi – you have to pre-order but it’s cooked fresh.

“They specialize in Korean Comfort food and it’s unlike anything else that is available in the city.

“They also stock a good selection of imported drinks that we wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to try, such as a Milkis which is a carbonated yoghurt and milk drink.

“It shouldn’t be knocked until you try it.”

4. H&S BBQ

All prepared!  Herby kebabs, jerk kebabs and teriyaki kebabs

H & S BBQ serves the best kebab in Norwich, according to reporter Emily Thomson
– Credit: Archant

Where: 195 Drayton Road, Norwich, NR3 2PG

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 4pm – 10.30pm, Friday to Saturday 4pm – 11.30pm, Sunday 4pm – 10.30pm

Emily Thomson, live news lead, said: “H&S BBQ is my go-to kebab shop in Norwich. My usual order is chicken shish kebab, in a pitta, with garlic sauce.

“It comes with large chunks of chicken breast, which are full of flavor, and a fresh salad with red cabbage on the side.

“You also can’t beat one of the margarita pizzas.”

5. Sall’s Lokma

Burgers, chips, chicken nuggets and desserts ordered from Sall's Lokma in Norwich.

Burgers, chips, chicken nuggets and desserts ordered from Sall’s Lokma in Norwich.
– Credit: James Randle

Where: 5 Eastbourne Place, Norwich, NR1 1DH

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 12pm – 12am, Sunday 12pm – 11pm

Louisa Baldwin, what’s on editor, said: “Dining in Prince of Wales Road is mostly about cheesy chips and kebabs on a night out, but there is a real hidden gem on the junction with Rose Lane.

“It offers really tasty burgers with a Mediterranean twist and the vegan one is fantastic.

“It also does huge Jenga brick chips and its lokma desserts are like mini donuts with a range of toppings.”

6. Harry’s

Harry's burger bar in Norwich Credit: James Randle

Harry’s burger bar in Norwich Credit: James Randle
– Credit: Archant

Where: Chapel Field North, Norwich, NR2 1NY

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 12pm – 8.30pm, Friday to Sunday 9am – 8.30pm

Georgina Taylor, social media specialist, said: “The burgers are top-tier. They’re full of flavor and the portions are huge.

“The food also comes really well packaged so the food is always hot on arrival.”

7. Biff’s Vegan Burgers and Wingz

Biff's Kitchen is now available on Deliveroo Photo: Biff's Kitchen

Biff’s Kitchen is now available on Deliveroo Photo: Biff’s Kitchen
– Credit: Biff’s Kitchen

Where: 1 Queen Street, Norwich, NR2 4SG

Opening times: Wednesday to Thursday 4pm – 10pm, Friday to Saturday 12pm – 10pm, Sunday 12pm – 9pm

James Weeds, reporter, said: “I’m no vegan, but these burgers are some of the juiciest, tenderest, tastiest patties I have ever tasted. The combination of flavors works well – no matter what variety you try, although my favorite is by far the Samuel Hell Jackson just for the chipotle coleslaw alone.

“The fries are great, but the sweet potato fries are even better. Especially when sprinkled with cinnamon. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it really does.

“Finally, the wings. If it were chicken, I’d say pass. I find them too fiddly and not worth the hassle. But these meat-free bad boys are tasty and easy to eat.”

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