I’ve never had COVID-19. Does this mean I’m in the clear? How do I keep avoiding it?

We are now more than two years into the pandemic.

Despite some state health authorities suggesting everyone will contract COVID-19 and reports of people catching the virus twice, there are still a lot of Australians who have never tested positive.

How many Australians have never caught COVID-19?

That’s impossible to know for sure because some people may have had the virus but weren’t tested at the time, most likely because they didn’t show symptoms.

Without a positive test result, that sort of case would not be counted.

And now that rapid antigen tests (RATs) are being frequently used, official numbers rely on people self-reporting their positive results.

The data we have only includes confirmed cases reported to state and territory health authorities.

As of Monday, more than 7.3 million confirmed COVID-19 cases had been recorded in Australia throughout the entire pandemic.

That’s not a small number.

But when you consider that it includes repeat infections and compare it to Australia’s estimated population of more than 25.8 million peopleit’s safe to say there are still quite a few Aussies who have not had the virus.

How can I avoid it now restrictions have been fully relaxed?

Mask mandates and even quarantine for close contacts have been done away with in most Australian jurisdictions.

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