When did people stop taking covid tests

12:00 PM June 7, 2022

‘Daddy’s got the lurgy again’

So proclaimed my six-year-old on Friday when my covid test showed up the dreaded two lines confirming a second spell in isolation – just in time for the long Bank Holiday weekend.

My first bout came last Summer within four days of attending Latitude Festival. This time around it hit me four days after attending another festival – Bearded Theory in the Midlands. I think someone is trying to tell me I’m too old for festivals now!

Fortunately it was a very mild bout and avoided my wife – but it did enable me to learn something I hadn’t clocked previously about where we currently are with the virus.

Announcing the news on WhatsApp, as you do these days, the unanimous reaction was one of surprise that I’d even bothered to take the test.

And that’s despite the fact I was feeling a little bit ropey at this stage and despite the fact covid rates remain relatively high across the country.

Being editor of the EDP I’m pretty certain I didn’t miss the news release proclaiming it was all over and time to move on!

I’m guessing most people have just gotten fed up with the impact of the pandemic on their lives and taken their own decision on whether to test or isolate or not?


Whilst my own Jubilee plans had to be curtailed by the dreaded virus, the majority of the country were not so unfortunate and the scenes of happy gatherings in this region and beyond were so heart-warming to see.

Clearly the Queen is rightly held dear in so many people’s hearts, but the weekend also felt very much like a reaction to the months and months of isolation many of us faced during covid.

CB hunstanton jubilee dancing

A couple wave their flags as Hunstanton celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
– Credit: Chris Bishop

It felt like many have been waiting to have something for the majority of the country to get behind and enjoy.


Whatever your political persuasion, surely no one can disagree that our Prime Minister appears to have gotten off very lightly as far as party-gate is concerned?

Whether he should have lost his position is not for me to say, however there’s no denying he acted improperly and those who partied at such a sensitive time did so under his watch. He takes ultimate responsibility.

The PM seems destined to cling on for now, but I just hope that those within the Conservative Party who hold him to account are properly doing so and properly making him realize what he did was wrong.

If he is to remain this country’s leader, what we need now is a full plan of action from him as to what the government intends to do to seriously tackle the many other issues that currently exist in this country.


It’s been two months since this newspaper and other media highlighted problems with the government’s processing of refugees from Ukraine – and sadly it would seem many issues still persist.

In recent weeks I was contacted by Cambridge-based professor Olenka Pevny, originally from Ukraine, who has faced months of agony as she has struggled in vain to bring her cousin’s 12-year-old daughter to the UK.

The girl’s parents have stayed in Ukraine, but want a safe haven for Diana Demchyna, away from their home city of Lviv for her own safety.

However, poor Olenka and Diana have now had to spend more than three months holed up in Poland whilst they wait for the Home Office to process their application.

In the meantime this poor girl has had no access to education and no way of seeing people her own age. It’s desperately sad.

Now our very own Lord Dannatt has become involved in trying and speeding the whole thing up – as he was able to do previously with refugees trying to come to Norfolk.

What an absolute disgrace!

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