The Apple Watch SE is on sale from £219 on Amazon that’s a saving of £80

‘Best value for money Apple watch’: The Apple Watch SE is on sale from £219 on Amazon – that’s a saving of £80

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If you’re looking to reap the benefits of Apple’s impressive smart watch features but are on a budget, then the Apple WatchSE could be the one for you.

Apple’s entry-level smart watch is usually priced at £299, but right now, you can save up to £80 off on Amazon. Now on sale from £219, you can take advantage of the powerful features but for even less.

Tracking all the ways you move, the Apple Watch SE is worthy of a spot on your wrist. Keeping an eye on your health and keeping you connected with cellular connectivity, the large retina display helps you stay connected wherever and whenever you go.

Packed full of fitness features, the Apple Watch SE allows you to track your daily activity and see your trends in the Fitness app on your iPhone.

The activity rings show all the ways you move throughout the day, while the cellular connectivity allows you to take calls and send texts.


With the tagline ‘heavy on features light on price’, the Apple WatchSE is designed to be a more affordable way of experiencing Apple’s premium smartwatch features.

Getting the full Apple Watch experience, users can take advantage of the activity rings, take calls and reply to texts, tap into thousands of apps and even catch up with podcasts and audiobooks.

Currently on sale for the discounted price of £219, it’s a wise time to invest if you’re looking to upgrade to a smart watch.

With a near-perfect average score of 4.8 out of 5, the Apple WatchSE is a highly-rated and incredibly popular buy.

Users have been largely impressed with the powerful features to help keep you stay connected, active, healthy, and safe – all for a more affordable price compared to the Apple Watch Series 6.

With the same fitness features and the ability to read heart rate, it’s one of the best options out there for fitness enthusiasts or for those wanting to take a closer look at their health.

Along with the enticing activity rings that show all the ways you move throughout the day, it boasts 18 hours of battery life and fall detection and gives you the freedom of cellular so you can take calls and send texts from your wrist.

Track your daily activity on the Apple Watch SE and see your trends in the Fitness app on iPhone

You can check your heart rate at any time or get heart health notifications if you have an irregular heart rhythm or an unusually high or low heart rate

The Apple Watch SE allows you to receive texts and calls and listen to music all through your wrist

While there are cheaper alternatives out there, the Apple WatchSE is a more affordable way of investing in Apple.

Hailed as ‘the best value for money Apple watch’, over 4,000 Amazon shoppers have awarded it five-star reviews, crediting the impressive color screen display, advanced fitness features and ability to tap into thousands of your favorite apps.

One impressed shopper penned: ‘Better value for money than series 6. More future proof than series 3.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘The best performance smart watch you can get. Watch 6-7 models just for the oxygen feature in the blood, no need to give money for.’

A third raved: ‘Amazing. Has been a life-changing gift bringing digital ease to tracking workouts, tracking diet and health and accessing essentials without the distraction of having the phone all the time.

‘Also, a way to stay in touch and see emergency texts or without needing a phone in hand.’



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