Sonic the Hedgehog Finally Getting The Cartoon Sequel He Always Deserved

The Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday morning cartoon is getting a fan-made third season from TEAM SEA3ON, and the epic trailer is pitch perfect!

The beloved Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday morning cartoon is getting a long-awaited unofficial third season created by a fan-funded nonprofit called TEAM SEA3ON that is not affiliated with SEGA. The original show, commonly referred to by fans as Sonic Sat AM, ran for two seasons on ABC in 1993-94 before it was canceled prematurely on a cliffhanger.

Sonic Sat AM was a much darker and mature version of the Blue Blur. Set on the planet Mobius, this version of Sonic centered on anthropomorphic animals that once prospered in the mighty Kingdom of Acorn before their ally Dr. Robotnik and his nephew Snively betrayed them and forced them to flee into the woods. As Robotnik converted the prosperous kingdom into the dystopian city of Robotropolis, Princess Sally Acorn formed the Freedom Fighters to stop Dr. Robotnik’s quest for world domination as he roboticized the planet’s inhabitants into his robotic slaves.


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The series’ new continuation will pick up where the last episode of Sonic Sat AM left-off, following a decisive battle against Dr. Robotnik. At the end of the second season, Sonic and Sally use their world’s version of Chaos Emeralds known as the Power Stones to not only destroy Dr. Robotnik’s aptly named Doomsday Machine, but Robotropolis and Robotnik himself. As the Freedom Fighters celebrate, Snively emerges from the rubble as the clear successor to his deceased uncle. But as he deviously proclaims, he isn’t alone. He is accompanied by some mysterious creature peering out from the darkness with glaring, red eyes. TEAM SEA3ON is reviving all of these elements as shown in an incredible trailer. It begins with a voice that clearly belongs to Snively as he recounts his plan to catch the Freedom Fighters off-guard while an angry Princess Sally vents to a concerned-looking Sonic about how the war should have been over. And, of course, there are scenes showing the return of the threatening red eyes.

Sonic Sat AM fans are rejoicing not only because the cult favorite series is continuing, but also due to how perfectly TEAM SEA3ON is emulating certain aspects of the show. Johnny Gioeli of Crush 40, who blood the original theme “Fastest Thing Alive,“actually returned to give an edgier interpretation of the classic that many a kid once belted out every Saturday morning. Meanwhile, Snively and Princess Sally Acorn sound just like Charlie Adler and Kath Soucie who voiced the original characters respectively. It’s also quite appropriate that the majority of the trailer focuses on scenes with Princess Sally and the partially roboticized Bunnie Rabbot. strongest female characters in Sonic the Hedgehog. Both are strong leaders and warriors who never allow Sonic to disrespect them, like he does in other iterations of the franchise. He never would anyway, however, since he deeply appreciates everything that they do.

The revival of Sonic Sat AM also deeply affects fans of Archie Comics’ discontinued sonic series that ran from 1993 to 2016. The Saturday morning cartoon was a main influencer of the comics. As one of the comic’s lead writers Ken Penders confirmed to Screen Rant, Archie’s series was so connected to the cartoon that the staff initially feared that the comic would fold upon ABC canceling the show. As a result, Penders and the Archie Comics team created their own version of the Doomsday Machine with the EndGame arc where Sonic also murdered Dr. Robotnik. TEAM SEA3ON will clearly go in another direction than Penders, as Snively’s story turned out very differently in the comics. Regardless, TEAM SEA3ON is truly giving the greatest gift to fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday morning cartoon series.

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