Puppy Helps Cartoon Dog ‘Chase Off’ Squirrel on TV in Adorable Video

A Golden Retriever is proving popular with animal lovers after her owner shared a video of the super cute pup playing along with a cartoon dog on television.

dogs may not be able to see in the way their human companions can—canine vision is dichromaticmeaning they only see in two primary colors, yellow and blue, as opposed to human vision which is trichromatic—still, they are vvery much able to watch and enjoy TV.

A study published in the February 2013 edition of the journal Pet Cognition found dogs are capable of identifying images of other dogs among pictures of other animals and humans, using their visual sense alone.

One dog definitely who enjoys her television is Coconut, a Golden Retriever puppy who features in a series of adorable videos shared to TikTok under the handle coconutisgolden.

While countless videos of Coconut getting herself into various scrapes can be found on the channel, it’s one recent upload that is proving particularly popular online.

It features the young pup sitting transfixed in front of a television playing an episode of Dug Daysan animated spinoff TV series centered on Dug, the loving canine companion to Carl Fredricksen in the hit Pixar movie Up.

In the video, Coconut can be seen doing her level best to lend a hand to Dug and his pups as they attempt to “chase off” a squirrel in their garden.

As the clip shows, every time Dug and the pups bark at the squirrel, Coconut joins in, wagging her tail as she does so.

When the squirrel does eventually make a run for it, Coconut ceases barking, evidently happy at her role in helping Dug and his family on the show. The full videowhich has racked up 1.4 million views already, can be watched here.

Coconut’s owners Katie and Lewis, who live in Massachusetts, told Newsweek: “We are so happy we were able to capture Coconut’s reaction to the show Dug Days on Disney+.

“Coconut is a Golden Retriever and is now 4 months old. At the time of the video, she was around 14 weeks old and loved to help Dug and the crew.

“Dug is certainly her favorite show and she sits and watches it even now. We are delighted that so many people have loved the video as much as we did and we hope it has brought a smile to everyone’s face who has seen it.”

They say that Coconut Coconut also loves the nature documentary series planet earth and also watches sports on TV. Outside of that, Coconut loves the beach, going for walks and playing fetch with her tennis ball.

The heartwarming footage has certainly resonated with many dog ​​fans on social media.

Arnav proclaimed it the “cutest video I’ve ever seen” while Dania Nasri agreed, writing “this is precious.” Carolineee_ jokingly praised the efforts of Coconut and Dug in getting rid of the squirrel, commenting: “good job team.”

Elsewhere, Hectorsan300 wondered aloud why “why would anybody choose a cat over a dog” with Gina Shkeda declaring: “My life immediately belongs to Coconut.”

Others were convinced Dug Days was designed to be watched by dogs. “I wear this show was made for dogs and dogs alone,” Phoebe Jolly wrote. Mrcheesecakeyt agreed, replying: “they defo made this sheries for puppies not kids.” That might not be entirely inaccurate either.

In an interview with Animation Magazine, Dug Days director Bob Peterson said the series is about “visualizing the reality of a dog, not just what a human would think a dog would do.” He added: “We wanted people to say, ‘That looks exactly like what my dog ​​would have done.'”

This isn’t the first time a dog’s love of TV has come into the spotlight. Recent months have seen dogs go viral for everything from watching videos of squirrels to whole episodes of the Netflix series ozark.

A golden retriever puppy watching TV.
A golden retriever puppy watching tv – Coconut went viral after beating a cartoon squirrel.

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