Adorable Cat Begs Owner to Turn on Her Cartoons in Viral Video

An adorable cat named Ella is delighting the internet with her morning routine which consists of begging her owner to turn on her favorite cartoon, Little Einstein’s.

The TikTok, which has amassed more than 1.5 million views, was posted on Sunday. Popular TikToker @ellawatchestv_ shared the post which received more than 2,200 comments from cat lovers, with many joking about Ella’s peculiar habit.

But Ella’s TV habit is actually more common than many would think. Cats are known for their intelligence and curiosity, and since cats require mental stimulation and are highly responsive to sounds and visuals, many cat owners turn on the TV to help keep their cats from getting bored.

Since cats are able to process information much faster than humans, they tend to be interested in quick-changing frames and the flickering of the screen. While it is unclear how these images are perceived in the cat’s brain, experts say cats can distinguish between textures, patterns and outlines.

“My morning routine consists of my cat waiting for me to turn on her cartoons,” the on-screen text read as Ella the cat peeks her head through the open bedroom door.

Ella impatiently stares at her owner as she is asked if she wants to watch her TV show. The video then cuts to Ella sitting comfortably in a gaming chair facing the TV.

As Ella meows, the on-screen text explained that she is “impatient” and ready to watch her cartoons.

“It has to load,” Ella’s owner said as she stared at the screen and made more noises.

After a few seconds, the theme song for Little Einstein’s–an animated children’s series from 2005–begins to play.

Ella’s blue eyes stare intently at the screen as the theme music plays. Throughout the video, Ella stays seated in the chair as she concentrates on her cartoons.

In another part of the video, Ella gets comfortable on the carpet while sitting under the coffee table, her eye’s never leaving the screen.

Thousands of users poured into the comments section to joke about Ella’s love of cartoons and her TV habit.

“The cutest of all iPad kids,” one user joked and received more than 23,000 likes.

“When I was her age I used to play outside all day,” another joked.

One user also asked if Ella ever wakes up her owner in the middle of the night to watch cartoons.

“Yes actually,” her owner replied. “Because sometimes she scream-meows! Haha it’s usually like 2AM or 3AM if she does.”

Other cat moms mentioned their tips and tricks such as setting a TV timer so Ella can watch her cartoons in the morning without waking up her owner. One also suggested buying a smart plug that allows her owner to turn on the TV even if she is not home.

When asked if Ella has a favorite TV show, her owner said her all-time favorite movie is The Grinchthe animated version from 2018, and her favorite show is Phineas and Ferb. Her owner also said Ella enjoys watching videos of squirrels and fish.

According to Cat Protectiona feline welfare charity based in the United Kingdom, cats with more of a hunting drive may show more interest in watching TV than other cats.

“If they appear to be watching the action and have their eyes open with narrow pupils and their ears and whiskers pointed forward, they could be stimulated by what’s coming from the TV,” Cats Protection wrote. “However, if they are watching with dilated pupils and flatter ears, this could indicate that they are more concerned and stressed by what is on the screen, and so should be given the opportunity to run away if needed.”

Newsweek reached out to @ellawatchestv_ for comment.

A cat went viral on TikTok for begging her owner to turn on her favorite cartoon, “Little Einstein’s.” According to cat experts, cats with more of a hunting drive may show more interest in watching TV than other cats.
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