The 10 Cutest Cartoon Characters, Ranked

Cartoon characters tend to be simplified representations of reality. Their facial features and body shapes are relatively softer and cuddlier, making them extremely lovable. This rule doesn’t apply across the board; Chernabog is grim, Koh the Face Stealer is unnerving, and Cruella de Vil is a nightmare wrapped in expensive fur.

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However, there are adorable cartoon characters who more than make up for their villainous counterparts. More importantly, physical appearance is not the only factor governing a character’s net cuteness — the most endearing ones often look and sound as cute as they act.

10 Boo-Boo’s Sense Of Scruples Is An Adorable Charade At Best — Yogi Bear

Hanna-Barbera’s Yogi Bear was inspired by 1950s sitcom characters and soon became a nationwide phenomenon. Yogi spends his time in Jellystone National Park filching picnic food items from visitors, consequently infuriating his nemesis, Ranger Smith.

Boo-Boo, Yogi’s teddybear-esque sidekick, tries to prevent his friend from running around the park committing various infractions, but his common sense rarely gets through. On the other hand, Boo-Boo has no problem consuming the stolen goods, so his moral objection to Yogi’s thievery is a humorous charade at best.

9 Stewie Griffin’s Megalomania Doesn’t Take Away From His Childlike Sweetness — Family Guy

family guy‘s Stewie Griffin is a baby, despite his exaggeratedly campy behavior, criminal bloodlust, and overwhelming genius. He displays an inverted Oedipus Complex towards Lois, outright stating that he despises her for keeping him trapped in her “ovarian Bastille.”

At the same time, Stewie’s “evil Rex Harrison vibe” makes him quite endearing, even if he threatens to commit genocide and bomb cities on occasion. Stewie also loves both Rupert immensely, proving that he’s nothing more than a naive child, megalomania notwithstanding.

8 Rosie Is Cute Even When She’s Angry — The Jetsons

Rosie the robot is a beloved member of the Jetsons. The family refuses to part with her for a newer model, especially because of her quasi-maternal relationship with Judy and Elroy. Rosie’s design is relatively straightforward: a solid metal frame with extendable limbs, attached to what looks like the lower half of an office chair.

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Rosie’s standard paraphernalia includes a maid outfit and feather dusters, which adorably clash with her robotic sensibilities. The best thing about Rosie, however, is that she’s cute even when she’s angry.

7 Michelangelo’s Flippant Attitude And Goofy Spirit Usually Light Up The Room— Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Michelangelo truly embodies the teen aspect of tea Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His favorite pastimes involve pizzas, surfing, and skateboards — as the theme song goes, “he’s a party dude.” Although Michelangelo’s freakish attitude and free spirit vex his brothers and sensei to no end, his goofy character usually lights up the room (or sewer).

He befriends aliens and robots without considering their inclinations, a choice that’s both reckless and heartwarming. Michelangelo’s cuteness is best observed through his relationships with pet animals, such as kittens, fish, pigeons, and parrots.

6 Tweety’s Shrill Treble, Oversized Head, And Elongated Eyelashes Augment His Cuddly Personality — Looney Tunes

Sylvester’s desperate attempts to eat Tweety end in failure, but this doesn’t mean that the cat is always the villain. In fact, Tweety’s early cartoons depicted him as exceptionally vicious. Under Fritz Freleng’s direction, the once-violent canary was transformed into the affable character that viewers have grown to love.

Tweety’s shrill treble, oversized head, and elongated eyelashes augment his cuddly personality. Sylvester and Tweety’s hijinks are reminiscent of another iconic Looney Tunes frenemy pair: Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

5 Chuckie Finster’s Appearance And Outfit Paint Him In A Rather Charming Light — Rugrats

All the rugrats are cute in their own way but Chuckie Finster is probably the cutest of the lot. His chaotic hair, square-rimmed glasses, baggy shorts, and toothy smile paint him in a rather charming light.

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Unlike Tommy, Chuckie is neither brave nor determined and yet, he frequently seems to forget his cowardice when his pals are in trouble. Chuckie’s cynical demeanor is surprisingly uncharacteristic of toddlers his age. However, he eventually grows out of his timid phase and learns how to be more confident.

4 Bamm-Bamm’s Comically Exaggerated Super-Strength And Adorable Warcry Explain His Popularity — The Flintstones

Betty and Barney Rubble find an infant abandoned in front of their home — they decide to adopt him and raise him as their own. Bamm-Bamm’s onomatopoeic name is the same as his adorable warcry, which he screams while swinging his club.

While he’s far too young to understand the difference between right and wrong, his super-strength allows him to perform comically hyperbolic feats. Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles Flintstone develop a close report over the story and end up getting married as adults.

3 Huey, Dewey, & Louie Are Mischievous, Smart, And Thoroughly Lovable — DuckTales

Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Donald Duck’s troublesome nephews, were originally designed to trigger their uncle’s notorious anger issues. Banking on positive fan reception, Disney upgraded the triplets’ comic-strip status to cartoon characters, subsequently spawning a large media empire.

Although Huey, Dewy, and Louie appear in various short films and video games, there is no doubt that Duck Tales is their most famous achievement. The three little ducks are mischievous, smart, and thoroughly lovable.

2 Ruby & Sapphire Are Ridiculously Cute, Both Separately And Together — Steven Universe

Steven Universe explores the nuances of gender and consciousness through fusions like Stevonnie, a completely unique individual composed of two distinct characters.

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Similarly, Ruby and Sapphire love each other so much that they are unable to spend a single moment apart, explaining why they would rather stay as Garnet forever. Sapphire and Ruby share very few commonalities, but the stability of their fusion suggests a deeper force at play. These two gems are ridiculously cute, both separately and together.

1 Bunny May Not Look Like Her Sisters, But She’s Far More Adorable — The Powerpuff Girls

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are exhausted by all the crime in Townsville, so they try to replicate their father’s accidental accomplishment. However, they use “sweet powder” instead of sugar, “dirt, twigs, & stuff” instead of spice, ultimately replacing “everything nice” with random ingredients such as crayons, books, lizards, flowers, band aids, and boxing gloves.

Bunny is born soon after the Powerpuff Girls “accidentally” add Chemical X to the mixture. She may not fit the show’s definition of a “perfect, little girl,” but Bunny is arguably the most adorable character. Unfortunately, her unstable build forces her body to self-destruct, devastating her sisters, the audience, and even the narrator.

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