York man went through customer’s bins to prove meal was delivered

Connor Calland went on the hunt for the customer who lied by saying they didn’t receive their meal (Picture: Kennedy News / Connor Calland)

A takeaway boss ‘turned detective’ and managed to sniff out a fraudster customer who claimed his meal went missing from Deliveroo.

Connor Calland, owner of EborCibus Pizza in York, says Deliveroo contacted him on February 17 and said a customer had not received their £23.49 order from two days earlier.

Staff at EborCibus told Mr Calland the order of a 12-inch ‘Solar Goat Pig’ pizza, buffalo blue chicken loaded fries and mozzarella dippers had been sent out.

He then decided to take matters into his own hands.

Mr Calland says he visited the delivery address and found containers covered in buffalo sauce from the loaded fries in the bin outside.

He then knocked on the door to be told by a housemate the customer was out of the house.

But Connor didn’t stop there – he demanded an apology of ‘no less’ than 750 words from the customer.

Connor then eventually received an email from the customer who claimed they did it because of ‘peer pressure’.

Connor Calland was left angry after he discovered the food had actually been delivered (Picture: Kennedy News / EborCibus Pizza)

He shared the incident on Facebook to raise awareness about fraudulent complaints made by customers, which he says costs the business between £50 to £100 every week.

Connor said he was also upset over the fact Deliveroo initially sided with the customer in question.

But Deliveroo said the refund was issued ‘in line with their policy’ as the customer had claimed that the bag was torn and so food had spilled out as a result – though EborCibus Pizza has a screenshot showing they were told it was because the order was ‘not delivered’.

Connor then received the 750-word grovelling letter from the customer just hours after the Facebook post, claiming they regretted their actions ‘greatly’.

The customer said they wished they could go back in time, adding they understood it is a difficult period for businesses at the moment.

Empty takeaway boxes proved the customer had taken the meal for free (Picture: Kennedy News/Connor Calland)
Connor has been praised for raising awareness about the issue (Picture: Kennedy News/Connor Calland)

Deliveroo added: ‘Deliveroo takes customer service extremely seriously and, in this case, a refund was issued to the customer in line with our policy.

‘While the restaurant was initially billed for the order, we have since spoken to them and decided not to take payment on this occasion.’

A spokesperson for EborCibus Pizza said: ‘It’s regrettable that certain people fraudulently take advantage of goodwill and trust.

‘We had to investigate this matter fully because this unfortunately isn’t a one-time occurrence, it happens on a daily basis to small businesses around the UK.

‘Deliveroo does have anti-fraud prevention measures for companies that use Deliveroo riders, but in our case we use our own drivers, and the Deliveroo platform doesn’t have any protection for us.

‘This event happened three months ago, and nothing has changed.

‘We hope our story will perhaps change the mindset of people who believe it’s acceptable to do this, and urge Deliveroo to input anti-fraud measures.’

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