Texas school shooting live updates: Uvalde mourns as police probe shooter’s grim messages

UVALDE, Tex. — Outside the post office downtown, Maricela Sanchez, 33, started to break down and cry when asked what it was like to grow up in Uvalde.

The town is not violent, she said. “We’re not hateful people.”

Some people in the town sleep with their doors unlocked, she added.

Martina Avila, 21, moved to Uvalde when she was 12 and immediately made close friends.

“Everyone’s just so caring and loving, and as a community, we’re very, you know, together as one family,” said Avila, a college student, who brought her 5-year-old daughter, Madalynn, to the town square to show support for their community. She held a sign that read, “Remember Their Names,” written in red marker with two hearts. “It’s just like any small town. We’re there for each other in good times and bad times.”

It’s a place where everyone helps out when there is a fundraising dinner for someone facing a medical emergency or to benefit a sports team. Many families are large, and people tend to stick around or come back to raise children. “We’re happy here,” Sanchez said. “If something bad happens, it’s really rare.”

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