Thousands rally for abortion rights in Detroit, Ann Arbor

Abortion rights supporters gathered in Detroit and Ann Arbor were among tens of thousands who rallied across America on Saturday to urge leaders to protect abortion access for all women.

At the University of Michigan campus Diag in Ann Arbor, about 2,000 demonstrators chanted “bans off our bodies” ahead of speeches from Michigan’s top elected officials and Planned Parenthood’s executive director, Nicole Wells Stallworth.

Restricting abortion access would force pregnancies upon people despite their life circumstances in a state “with one of the worst maternal mortality rates for Black women,” Stallworth told the crowd.

Abortion rights activists argue with anti-abortion activists during a Bans Off Our Bodies protest at UM's Diag in Ann Arbor on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

“The impact of overturning Roe would be largely felt by Black, Latino, indigenous people, immigrants, people living with low incomes and in rural communities who have already long felt the impact or lack of access to abortion due to the social disparities of the social determinants of health and discrimination that already exists in our health care and criminal justice systems.”

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