Student with 32K breasts told to lose three stone if she wants surgery

A 20-year-old trainee teacher who is in constant pain because of her 32K breasts has been told she must lose three stone if she wants to have surgery on the NHS. Laney Mesa, 20, struggles to get out of bed and has constant pain in her back and her ribs.

She has approached her GP in a bid to relieve the pain, and the distress her breasts are causing, but says she was told she would need to lose three stone before she could be referred. Laney measures 5ft6 and weighed 14st at the time she saw her GP.

Laney told The Mirror: “I was devastated, I remember talking to my partner about it and balling my eyes out. I had really looked into all of the pros and cons of the surgery to show them how serious I was and that I fully understood what it involved.

“But it felt like I’d been told my worth was based on a number on the scales.

Laney claims she was told to lose 3st but argues her breasts “probably weigh around that” (Image: Laney Mesa)

“I told them that my breasts probably weighed around that anyway and that was why I had come to see them but they just said that was the policy.” Laney says she already has a healthy lifestyle and diet, but struggled for a year to reduce her weight – before seeing a different HGP. the task to lose 3st was almost impossible and Laney decided to try for surgery with a new GP.

She has explained that most of the weight that makes up her BMI is in her breasts.

Laney has now been referred but there is no guarantee she will be accepted for surgery. If that is the case she will need to fund the operation herself at a cost of £10,000.

She said: “Some days the pain is so bad I can’t even get out of bed. I feel like I’m hunched over whenever I walk because of my boobs and the pain they cause me.

“It is constant and excruciating. It feels like one massive knot in my back and there’s nothing anyone can do to relieve it.

“I also get shooting pains in my ribs.

Laney has had large breasts since she became a teenager, but now the pain has become unbearable

Laney has had large breasts since she became a teenager, but now the pain has become unbearable (Image: Laney Mesa)

“I have permanent marks in my shoulders from my bra straps. I hate looking in the mirror even though I feel like I have learned to love the rest of my body, I will never be able to love my boobs.

“It’s heart-breaking.”

Laney is sharing her journey on Instagram (@LaneyFaithMesa). She said: “I’ve had other people reach out to me and tell me that they are going through the same thing or wanting to know how I’m getting on with my journey.

“It’s nice to have that community of people who understand what I’m going through but also to feel like I am helping other people along the way. I’ve had other women who don’t understand what I’m going through tell me ‘I’d love to have your problems’, but they don’t understand how painful it is.

“I have come a long way in feeling like a more positive person but I have said that no matter what I am going to get this surgery somehow.”

Laney’s former GP surgery said: “The clinician is only allowed to follow guidelines according to that stated by the NHS” and “further guidance from the local Clinical Commissioning Group.”

NHS Kent and Medway CCG states that the patient must have a BMI less than 27 for at least 12 months prior to surgery. The CCG and NHS England were both approached for comment.


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