20 Best Comic, Cartoon & Superhero Games of All Time

This week on the Retro Rebel Podcast, Amanda Fox and return guest host Holly discuss the 20 Best Comic, Cartoon & Superhero Games of All Time.

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IntroMusicFinal Impasse By Ground is Lava

What We’re Playing

Amanda– Recently started playing As Dusk Falls. Now, I’m sure this is a good game. It’s got so many weaving choices at the end of the chapter, it’s gotta be. But it didn’t grab me. I didn’t care enough about the characters to keep playing past the first chapter.

Holly – I’m playing: Klonoa phantasy reverie series on Nintendo Switch.
I played Klonoa as a child when it was first released on PS1 and I fell in love with it, in fact, my entire family did. The story is so lovely, Klonoa is a sweet little cat boy with winged ears who ends up stumbling into a mission to save the world of Phantomile from an evil spirit who wants to turn the whole world into a nightmare. With its groundbreaking 2.5 D side-scrolling environment, this game translates perfectly to the Nintendo switch.
It was a true blessing to be able to play it again with updated graphics and a new fun two-player interface. To my mind, the game has truly stood the test of time.

Main topic – 20 Best Comic, Cartoon & Superhero Games of All Time

Today, we’re making our own list! That’s right, Holly is back and we’ve curated this list of the top comic book, cartoon, and superhero games out there (according to us, that is)! Oh, and there are a few manga & anime picks in there, just to keep it lively. They’re in no particular order, however.

Holly’s list

  1. South Park: The Fractured But Whole – PS4 2017 – cartoon inspired
  2. Arkham Games – Arkham Asylum – PS3 2009 – comic/cartoon inspired
  3. Sakura Wars – PS4 2019 – anime inspired
  4. The Wolf Among Us – PS3 2013 – comic inspired
  5. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New age of heroes – Dreamcast 2000 – comic inspired
  6. The Walking Dead Telltale Games – PS3 – comic inspired
  7. Marvel’s Spiderman – PS4 2019 comic/cartoon inspired
  8. Turtles In Time Re-shelled – PS3 2009 – comic/cartoon inspired
  9. BERSERK and the Band of Hawk- PS4 2017 – manga inspired
  10. X-men – Sega Megadrive / Genesis 1993 – comic/cartoon inspired

Amanda’s list

  1. City of Heroes/ City of Villains – PC 2004 – comic inspired
  2. Deadpool – Xbox 360 2013 – comic inspired
  3. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 – Xbox 360 2009 – comic inspired
  4. Alien: Isolation – Xbox One 2014 – comic inspired
  5. The Darkness 1 – Xbox 360 2007 – comic inspired
  1. The Darkness 2 – Xbox 360 2012 – comic inspired
  2. South Park: The Stick of Truth – Xbox 360 2014 – cartoon inspired
  3. Pokemon Go – Mobile 2016 – cartoon inspired
  4. TWD [NEW FRONTIER] – Xbox One 2017 – comic inspired (I Love You, Brother)
  5. Prototype 2 – Xbox 360/One 2012 – comic/cartoon inspired

Our Hosts

Amanda Fox cut her teeth on her dad’s old Tandy before graduating to SNES and beyond. An accomplished guild leader in multiple titles and a sucker for console RPGs. Amanda spends most of her free time with a bit of tech in her hands. With a life philosophy derived from a Spock quote and more passport stamps than shoes; she is a well-traveled nerd with the urge to pontificate.

Holly is a disabled enby who has spent the majority of their lives playing games. Growing up in hospital due to childhood cancer, classic console gaming brought escape and joy to a hard situation. Always a Sega lover at heart, as shown by their classic console collection, the jewel of which is the Dreamcast they bought with their first-ever paycheck. Still a console gamer (PS4), they are a lover of J-RPG’s and obsessed with Kojima’s games, especially the Metal Gear saga at the point of getting a Foxhound tattoo. For Holly, Ludens is their life. Holly’s socials are Twitter: @HollyDspoonieme and PSN: Tiny_Caska.

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