11 Cartoon Heroes Who Created Their Own Worst Enemies

In fiction, and especially in superhero stories, good guys fight the bad guys. But even in such stories, the morality of the world isn’t always so black and white. There are quite a few times the hero plays a part in the creation of their enemies.

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Often, the point of this storyline is to teach the hero to take responsibility for their actions. Occasionally, this is also done to show how a hero’s enemy isn’t really a “villain” – or at least make a possible redemption arc for the “bad guy” more plausible. That said, some stories make it clear how the enemy is overreacting to what happened in the past.

11 The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible Meant Well, But Buddy Didn’t Take It That Way

In The Incredibles, Buddy was once a fan of Mr. Incredible. His biggest ambition in life was to become his sidekick, “Incrediboy.” Instead, he grew up to become the villain, “Syndrome,” who was obsessed with killing all superheroes.

From his point of view, Buddy became evil when Mr. Incredible refused to accept him as a sidekick, but the superhero’s motive was shown to be more sympathetic than that. Buddy’s attempts to prove himself nearly got himself killed and once injured a multitude of people.

10 Meet The Robinsons: Lewis Drove The Bowler Hat Guy To Evil & Even Invented Doris

In Meet the Robinsonsit’s revealed Bowler Hat Guy is the future form of Lewis’ roommate, Goob, who grew to resent Lewis after his actions regularly cost him sleep and once cost him a baseball game. Goob felt the incident made him a social pariah, but it’s shown most of this was all in his head.

Furthermore, Bowler Hat Guy joined forces with Doris, who’d been cast aside as a failed invention by Lewis. Despite this team up, it backfires for the villains when Lewis realizes he’s Doris’ future creator. She ceases to exist when Lewis decides not to invent her.

9 Atomic Puppet: This Is The Reason Captain Atomic’s A Puppet

In Atomic Puppet, Mookie was originally Captain Atomic’s bumbling sidekick. However, years of being in the superhero’s shadow, as well as Captain Atomic’s lack of patience with him, slowly turned him over to the dark side. Initially wanting to replace Captain Atomic as the top hero, he goes so far as transforming the hero into the titular puppet.

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Even when Mookie tries to receive the same glory of a hero, he usually puts people in danger just so he can “rescue” them. By the end of the series, he formally joins up with the villains.

8 Randy Cunningham: Randy & Howard Caused A Few Monster Transformations

In Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, the Sorcerer goes around turning Randy’s classmates into monsters to carry out his evil will. Although Randy is tasked with changing them back to normal, there have been times he and his friend Howard are to blame for their classmates’ transformations.

In “So U Think U Can Stank,” Randy and Howard develop a “Good Judge, Bad Judge” schtick while judging a talent show that leads to a few of their classmates becoming monsters. In “Unstank My Hart,” when they kick Levander Hart out of their band, he quickly becomes the Sorcerer’s pawn. Not only does the Sorcerer transform Hart into a popular idol in the hopes of creating mass chaos, Hart eventually turns into a lightning monster.

7 The Amazing World Of Gumball: Gumball & Darwin Practically Gave Rob Evil Lessons

In The Amazing World of Gumball, Rob was just a minor background character. However, after he tagged along with Gumball and Darwin when they ventured into the Void to rescue Molly, Rob was unwittingly forgotten. Consequently, leaving the realm reduced him into a corrupted husk of his former self.

Gumball and Darwin later met up with him and helped him create a more villainous alter-ego. In fairness, they originally hoped to become his evil minions before he revealed how serious his descent into darkness really was.

6 The Fairly OddParents: Timmy Has Literally Wished Enemies Into Existence

In The Fairly OddParents, Timmy’s wishes often backfire. Naturally, these mean he’s accidentally created his own enemies over the years. Some examples have included his Super Bike, his imaginary friend Gary, and Dark Laser, who was brought to life from a toy catalog. Even Timmy’s own hair turned evil when he wished it to life.

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One episode reveals how beings created by Timmy’s wishes don’t cease to exist when the spell is broken, but are sent to a far-off island. Because of this, one story has his former wishes capture his loved ones in a plot for revenge.

5 Miraculous Ladybug: Marinette Created An Enemy By Humiliating Lila

In the world of miraculous ladybug, Hawk Moth preys on anyone in pain and transforms them into villains. In many episodes, Marinette’s rival, Chloe, usually bullies each new victim-of-the-week into becoming the new monster-of-the-week. Despite this, there have been a few times when even Marinette caused someone to become a villain.

When Lila transfers to Marinette’s school, she spreads a variety of false rumors about herself, including how she’s close friends with Ladybug. Enraged with this lie – especially since Lila might use it to get close to Adrien – Marinette transforms into Ladybug and exposes her. Humiliated, Lila swears revenge and eventually becomes a recurring villainess and ally to Hawk Moth.

4 The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Has A Complicated History With The Girls

Mojo Jojo is one of the girls’ most prominent recurring villains in The Powerpuff Girls. According to one story, it’s revealed he used to be the Professor’s primate lab assistant, but was mutated by the same accident that created the girls and grew jealous over the Professor’s love for them.

However, as the story goes on, things turn out to be even more complicated. Mojo was always a naughty monkey who caused trouble for the Professor. In fact, he caused the accident that created the girls. Another story strengthens this narrative by revealing (thanks to time travel) that he’s indirectly responsible for inspiring the Professor’s desire to create the girls in the first place.

3 Animaniacs: Brain Genetically Engineered Julia, Even Before Brainwashing Her

In the Animaniacs reboot, Brain, who admittedly isn’t too heroic for a protagonist, is still responsible for creating the recurring antagonist, Julia. She was once a lab mouse until Brain had her genetically altered to be as anthropomorphized as him, hoping it’d help his presidential campaign if he had a potential “First Lady” by his side. This also backfires when, thanks to her kind and moral nature, people want to elect her instead.

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Brain tries to take control over Julia with a mind control device. However, this backfires as Julia develops Brain’s intelligence and Pinky’s insanity, causing her to become a villainess bent on revenge against the duo.

2 Ducktales: Scrooge Accidentally Created Flintheart Glomgold

According to the episode, “The Ballad of Duke Baloney” in the Ducktales reboot, a flashback shows how Scrooge encountered a young shoe-shiner while in South Africa. As the kid reminded Scrooge of his younger self, he gave him a dime in the hopes of inspiring him. This backfired after the kid was outraged how such a rich duck didn’t pay him the minium wage, especially when he could. He then dedicated his life to besting Scrooge at everything, even going so far as to fake a Scottish accent and rename himself Flintheart Glomgold.

1 My Life As A Teenage Robot: Jenny Should’ve Given Melody A Chance

In the My Life as a Teenage Robot episode, “No Harmony with Melody,” Melody runs away from her villainous father and meets up with Brad, who takes her on a tour around Tremorton. Jenny is suspicious of the villain’s daughter and spies on them, also noticing how mysterious destruction follows them around.

Jenny confronts Melody, eventually provoking her into revealing she’s a robot, going so far as to remove her exo-skin. This scares the townspeople, including Brad, and a horrified Melody flies off. It’s ultimately revealed Melody was innocent and played no part in any wrong doing. Unfortunately, the series ends before viewers see a resolution.

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