10 Video Games Based On Cartoons

Video games and cartoons would seem like natural friends. Originally both were aimed at younger audiences, but over time grew more complex and more expensive. There have been plenty of video games based on cartoons, but not many of them have been very good. Generally, developers tend to rush out certain titles to make sure they tie in at the right time.

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Still, tons of popular cartoons have had their own video game, some of which have been amazing. But even if they aren’t, for fans who want the opportunity to play as their favorite characters, there’s still a reason to spend time playing them.

10 Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Tells The Story Of The Last Days Of Cybertron

In the early 2010s, High Moon Studios put tea transformers licensing to good use by starting their Cybertron game series. Unlike most Transformers games which were tied to one of the Michael Bay films, this was its own video game. Set in a universe reminiscent of the IDW transformers comics, it got to tell a darker story about the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

In Fall of Cybertron, players got to experience the war from both the Autobot and Decepticon sides, ending in one final climactic battle. Unfortunately, the series was sheltered after this, and High Moon was forced to work on Call of Duty games forever.

9 Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 Was A Solid Sequel To A Great Game

In the 90s, there was no shortage of amazing Disney video games. The first Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers was an enjoyable platformer that managed to become one of Capcom’s highest-selling video games for the NES. The sequel went right back to the platforming, allowing players to play as either Chip or Dale or both if they were interested in co-op play.

The story followed the Rescue Rangers’ attempt to take care of a bomb that’s set by one of their enemies at a restaurant. But while on this adventure, they also wind up dealing with ghosts and giant robots to add a bit of spice.

8 GI Joe’s Operation Blackout Allows Players To Play As Members Of GI Joe And Cobra

Despite not having had a G.I. Joe game since 2009, the developers at Iguana Bee and Fair Play Labs decided to give the franchise another shot in 2020. Rather than being based on any of the films that had been released over the last decade, Operation Blackout referenced the 80s G.I. Joe characters.

The main game allowed for players to be classic characters like Scarlett, Duke, and Snake Eyes or villains like Destro and Cobra Commander. The game felt like a true throwback too, with a variety of multi-player modes for anyone who loved G.I. Joe.

7 Jackie Chan Adventures Creates Its Own Version Of The Cartoon’s Story

In the early 2000s, Jackie Chan received one of the last cartoons based on a celebrity purely because they were a celebrity in Jackie Chan Adventures. It featured Jackie, his niece Jade, and his Uncle who understood how to deal with dangerous magical forces. The television series was popular enough to result in a game being released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2though only in Europe because it never came over to the States.

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Combining the story of both seasons of the cartoon, Jackie battles against the power of the Dark Hand to stop them from unleashing the power of demons trapped in another world. According to the reviews, this game is surprisingly pretty good.

6 Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions Has Daffy Facing One Of His Oldest Enemies

In 1993, developer ICOM Simulations released Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions for the Super Nintendo. Though Daffy wasn’t yet running an entire cartoon series based on his time as Duck Dodgers, this game still saw fit for him in that role. In the game, Daffy has to travel through twenty different stages to deal with his enemy, Marvin the Martian. Along the way, Daffy faces everything from other Martians to dragons.

Fortunately, the Duck Dodger has his handy raygun to deal with any problems and can find other weapons along the way. This game was reviewed fairly well, despite some control issues.

5 TaleSpin Sends Baloo And Kit On A Quest To Get A Contract Before Shere Khan

Tea TaleSpin television series managed to retool most of the characters from the Jungle Book into a series all its own. The popularity of the series resulted in a video game that came to the Sega Genesis in 1992. Of course, the game featured Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker as its lead protagonists.

As a co-op game, players could choose to be either of the protagonists and try and get through a collection of levels while collecting cargo boxes. Story-wise, the characters were trying to beat out Shere Khan’s company for a contract with the city of Cape Suzette.

4 Disney’s Kim Possible 2: Drakken’s Demise Is Kim Possible’s Best Game

Kim Possible actually had a series of video games come out during the character’s run on the Disney channel, hitting every major console from that era short of Xbox. The one that reviewed the best though was Disney’s Kim Possible 2: Drakken’s Demise.

Made by Artificial Mind and Movement, the game was released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. Kim’s goal was to take down all of her classic villains – Doctor Drakken, Shego, Duff Killigan, and more. Fortunately, she’s got her usual secret agent gadgets to help her get through her rogues’ gallery.

3 Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Takes Jack Through Key Stages And Moments Of His History

SamuraiJack is a beloved series of the 2000s that ended way too soon. And people loved it so much they demanded it come back for one final season. With that came a renewed popularity in the franchise, which resulted in a new game that was released in 2020.

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Taking place at the same time as the fifth season, Jack’s long fight to take down Aku once and for all is at the end of their battle. Aku sends Jack through time once again and has to deal with key moments in his history including events from the fifth season. Though it’s not a perfect game, it still emulates the Samurai Jack style well enough.

2 The Simpsons: Hit & Run Is The Best Of The Simpsons Games

The Simpsons are one of the most beloved American franchises in the world, so it’s no surprise they’ve had dozens of video games over the years. The Simpsons: Hit & Run is probably the one people remember the most thoroughly, though. In hit and runthe Simpsons deal with everything from security cameras all over town to crop circles before discovering a horrible truth.

hit and run managed to perfectly adapt some of the elements of the then mega-popular Grand Theft Auto III, from its exploration and being able to visit key areas in Springfield. It was also a multi-million seller, as it was multi-platform and found its way to every console.

1 SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Is A Remake Of A Classic For Spongebob Fans

SpongeBob SquarePants got a surprisingly beloved game in the form of the Battle for Bikini Bottoms in 2003. The game featured a new storyline in which SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy have to save their home of Bikini Bottom from a takeover by evil robots. Different areas required different characters to get through certain stages, which meant the players had a reason to learn about everyone in them.

The game received the remake treatment in 2020, taking the title Battle for Bikini – Rehydratedwhich not only had prettier graphics but added additional content, like a battle against Robo-Squidward, and multiplayer horde mode.

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