10 Cartoon Villains Who Created Their Own Worst Enemies

In the world of comics, villains are known for making the heroes that come after them. For example, Batman and Spider-Man would not have given their masks had someone not claimed the lives of their loved ones. However, this idea also occasionally comes up in cartoons, too.

RELATED: 10 Kids Cartoons That Should Have Been Hits But Had Impossible CompetitionAt times, a villain might awaken the protagonist to their true potential without realizing it. They might create the technology or magic that ends up powering their enemy. Some versions take this to its literal extreme, where the villain literally built the hero. Arguably, stories in which villains are the biological parent of their nemesis can also count as this.

10 Hercules: Hades Caused Hercules To Grow Up Into A Hero

In Disney’s Hercules, Hades is warned that his plan to take over Mount Olympus will be thwarted when Hercules interferes. Hades then transforms Hercules into a mortal in order to kill him, but he survive and grow up into the hero who defeats him. Like-in macbeth, the story hints that the whole thing was a self-fulfilling prophecy: Hades is even warned by three witch-like Fates. Similarly, Hades’ plan to use Meg to seduce Hercules backfires when she develops real feelings for the hero.

Hercules also had a similar story in the original myths. In one story, Hercules got his super-strength and power as a baby when his nemesis, his stepmother Hera, was tricked into breastfeeding him. In fact, Hercules’ Greek name even means “Glory of Hera.”

9 She-Ra: Princess Of Power: The Horde Raised Adora To Be Etheria’s Champion

In the original 1980s She-Ra: Princess Of Power cartoon, Adora was born the princess of Eternia, but she was kidnapped by Hordak as a baby and taken to Etheria. Raised to be a loyal Horde member, with help from Shadow Weaver’s mind control, Adora grows up to be a Force Captain. Hordak’s other minions even refer to the princess as his “favorite.”

Eventually, the Sorceress reveals the truth to Adora, reuniting her with her twin brother, He-Man/Prince Adam. Adora awakens as She-Ra and, instead of returning to Eternia, stays on Etheria and joins the rebels fighting the Horde. The Horde is even responsible for giving She-Ra Spirit, the horse who would be Swift Wind.

8 Ben 10: Vilgax Is The Reason The Omnitrix Got Sent To Earth

In the Ben 10 universe, the Omnitrix is ​​the device that gives Ben the power to transform into all sorts of alien heroes. Ben’s nemesis Vilgax, a powerful alien warlord, wanted to use the power of the Omnitrix to help him conquer the universe. It eventually comes to light that Xylene sent the Omnitrix to Earth to save it from Vilgax, although she originally intended it for Ben’s grandfather to use.

RELATED: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mr. Krabs From SpongeBob SquarePantsThe reboot takes this a step further: Vilgax helped Azmuth create the Omnitrix in the first place. Realizing Vilgax wanted to use the technology to create unstoppable, transforming armies, Azmuth had Vilgax partially absorbed into the device and sent it to Earth, where Ben found it.

7 Winx Club: The Trix Are To Blame For Bloom Leaving Earth

At the start of winx club, the Trix have already started their search for the Dragon’s Flame, the source of magic. Unfortunately, Princess Stella is mistaken for the holder, and the three witches send their minions after her. Eventually, Stella is attacked on Earth, where she meets and is rescued by Bloom. This sets off a chain of events: Blooms learns she is a fairy and goes to the magical dimension.

As the story continues, Bloom only really learns that she is the keeper of the Dragon’s Flame when the Trix ultimately steals it from her. Icy is even the one to reveal to Bloom that she is the princess of Domino and that Daphne is her sister. Had it not been for the three witches, Bloom would’ve continued a life of normality.

6 The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Has A Symbiotic Relationship With The Girls’ Creation

Mojo Jojo, the primate nemesis of the Powerpuff Girls, was originally called Jojo, Professor Utonium’s sidekick, and assistant. Unfortunately, Jojo often misbehaved and caused the professor to spill Chemical X into some sugar, spice, and everything nice. This accident not only created the Powerpuff Girls, but transformed Jojo into the bad guy known for antagonizing the girls.

The movie adds another layer to this. Buttercup saving a dog from Mojo’s monkey minions is what helps the Powerpuff girls realize they can use their powers to fight evil. It also gets the town to accept them as their new heroes. Beforehand, the Powerpuff Girls were feared and hated by the community.

5 Steven Universe: Pink Diamond Created Rose Quartz As An Alter-Ego (& Is Steven’s Mother)

In Steven Universe, Crystal Gem leader Rose Quartz is said to have shattered the tyrannical Pink Diamond. However, there are a few holes in the story. For starters, as Zircon points out, Rose shouldn’t have been able to shatter someone as strong as one of the Diamonds. Eventually, the truth comes out. Pink Diamond grew to oppose the Earth colony and used a Rose Quartz persona to fight it. When this failed, Pink Diamond faked her death at her alter-ego’s hands.

RELATED: Top 10 Scooby-Doo Villains, RankedOf course, even if it wasn’t true, Pink Diamond was already the creator of Earth’s Rose Quartz line. This twist also means Pink Diamond is the mother of, and in a sense, “created,” the main character, Steven.

4 Futurama: Bender Was Created In One Of Mom’s Factories

In Futurama, Bender’s backstory and childhood often change depending on the story. The show goes back and forth on whether Bender even was a child. However, it’s generally accepted that he was created in one of Mom’s factories.

Bender and Mom often find themselves on opposing sides. In “Lethal Inspection,” Mom tries to have Bender destroyed after learning he is mortal, rendering him “defective.” In “Leela and the Genestalk,” Bender helps Leela escape from Mom’s sky castle. Finally, in “Mother’s Day,” Bender is the sole robot to break free of Mom’s control, realizing they plan to get rid of alcohol.

3 Street Sharks: Dr. Luther Paradigm Turned Four Brothers Into The Titular Street Sharks

The titular Street Sharks used to be four human brothers, the sons of Dr. Robert Bolton. However, when Bolton confronts his partner, Dr. Luther Paradigm, over misusing their “gene-slammer” device, Paradigm transforms Bolton into a creature so horrifying he’s only seen in silhouette. Paradigm then transforms the four boys into the titular sharks after a failed attempt to save their father.

Paradigm learns the hard way he’s given the brothers a step up in fighting villains. Even the transformed Dr. Bolton is able to work behind the scenes to fight Paradigm.

2 Jem: Jerrica Became Jem To Stop Eric Raymond

In jem, Jerrica Benton’s journey to becoming the famous pink-haired singer starts when her father dies, and his music company is split between her and Eric Raymond. Worried that Raymond’s schemes will ruin the company, Jerrica uses her father’s holographic technology to form her own band, the Holograms. She headlines the new group as the mysterious Jem.

RELATED: 10 Cartoons That You Didn’t Know Had Video GamesRaymond routinely plots to destroy the Holograms and ensure the band he manages, the Misfits, win the spotlight. Even losing half of the company doesn’t stop the corrupt executive.

1 Darkwing Duck: Drake Mallard Became Darkwing Duck To Stop Megavolt & Save The Prom

Darkwing Duck’s origins are mysterious as he is. One possible origin story, “Clash Reunion,” portrays Drake Mallard and Megavolt going to the same high school. Even in his youth, Mallard was obsessed with fighting crime and solving mysteries. Likewise, a young Megavolt’s passion for studying electricity led to the accident that gave him powers.

Megavolt decided to use his new powers to get revenge on the school bullies at the prom. Luckily, Drake Mallard was there and saw this as a call to action. Making a costume from what he could find in the drama department, Darkwing Duck was born.

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