10 Cartoon Network Shows That Would Make Great Anime

Cartoon Network has been home to some of the greatest cartoons still revered for their outstanding designs, fun animation, and diverse art styles. Many Cartoon Network shows can find new life through anime reboots, gaining more fans and fresh storylines.

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By mixing anime tropes and Japanese culture with the spirits of the original cartoons, anime versions of Cartoon Network shows can simultaneously do new ideas and pay homage to the originals. With these anime reboots, both young and old fans can find a new way to appreciate Cartoon Network’s franchises.

10 Billy & Mandy Mixed Comedy & Horror

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy is still popular for its combination of zany humor and horror elements. This unique combination helped set it apart from most cartoons at the time and can do so again as an anime.

Anime is no stranger to horror or comedy, nor combinations of the two. anime such as Mieruko-chan are well-praised for utilizing monsters and comedy to create unique scenarios and stories. HAS Billy & Mandy anime can mix zaniness and horror with mythical legends from Japan such as Kuchisake-onna.

9 Ed, Edd N Eddy Had Great Slapstick With Subtle World-Building

Ed, Edd n Eddy remains recognized for its expressive animation, slapstick humor, and subtle world-building. Although the show is mainly about kids goofing around in the summer, the kids may have secretly had harsh home lives.

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An anime reboot can explore the character’s home lives, particularly the main trio, Ed, Edd, and Eddy. While keeping similar slapstick humor, the anime can dive into how each character deals with their potentially troubled families. The anime can also explore why Ed, Edd, and Eddy value each other’s friendship and how isolated each boy feels from the rest of the Cul-de-Sac.

8 Chowder Can Emphasize Cooking Competitions

chowder is a comedic show about chefs in a world that resembles a children’s book. The show was light-hearted fun and had episodes where the characters would compete against each other, creating memorable episodes such as “The Apprentice Games.”

An anime chowder can toy around with the concept of chef competitions, creating outlandish plots where the characters cartoonishly try to cook better than the other. By combining shonen competition with chowder‘s storybook-like world, an actual chowder anime can stand out among other anime about cooking.

7 Kids Next Door Can Mix Action/Adventure With Childhood Fun

Codename: Kids Next Door effectively captured the imaginative joy of childhood by having kids fight against adult tyranny that represented real-life fears of kids. The show had one of its leads, Nigel Uno, mature into a capable leader. Although Nigel grew up figuratively, he was still a child and promised to always “be a kid at heart.”

An anime version can up the ante, mixing more battles reminiscent of shonen series such as My Hero Academia. An anime Kids Next Door can also focus more on the characters’ growth, emphasizing how everyone needs to grow up sometime. However, the anime can still keep the original message of the show: no matter how old you get, never abandon your inner child.

6 Courage Was Both Heartwarming & Scary

Courage the Cowardly Dog remains notable for its tearjerker scenes. Many characters in Courage have sad backstories but get heartwarming resolutions. Even after all these years, fans still choke up watching characters deal with their fears and family issues.

Keeping the humor and horror elements of the original cartoon, an anime Courage can also have sad scenes that give more insight into the characters’ mythologies. There were recurring themes of family and love in the original, and it would be a transvestite to see them absent in the anime adaptation. An anime version can emphasize how much Courage will go through to protect his family.

5 Foster’s Home Had Imaginative Character Designs

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends focuses on the value of companionship. Foster’s Home features imaginary friends brought to life by children’s minds. However, many imaginary friends had to go to a foster home, hoping to be adopted by a new child. Along with memorable characters, Foster’s Home has a recurring theme of friendship, showing the importance of having friends.

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As anime often delve into friendship thematically, it would suit a Foster’s Home anime to do the same. An anime reboot can delve into the emotions of the imaginary friends who need to be adopted, showing the negative impacts of losing a first friend. However, the anime can also show the positive influence of new friends by showing the imaginary friends forming new bonds.

4 Camp Lazlo Was A Fun Show Set In Summer Camp

Camp Lazlo follows kids at a summer camp, where they experience more freedom and explore nature with their friends. It also had creator Joe Murray’s eccentric humor and artwork reminiscent of his previous series, Rocko’s Modern Life. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Camp Lazlo is its bizarre, out-of-nowhere twist ending: the scoutmaster was a fraud who kidnapped the real one.

An anime reboot can play up this twist ending, using it as the basis for the new Camp Lazlo‘s setting. The anime can make it clear from the get-go that the scoutmaster is a fake. He can unwittingly put everyone in danger with absurd camping ideas, like hiking inside a volcano. However, all the campers always make it out okay, with only the scoutmaster ever getting hurt.

3 Flapjack Was A Pirate & Can Finally Find Candied Island

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack follows Flapjack, who seeks adventure and the unknown Candied Island. However, the series ended before Flapjack could set foot on the mysterious island. An anime version of flapjack can end with him reaching the island, giving fans a more satisfying conclusion.

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Due to the show’s creepy imagery, fans still reminisce about flapjack‘s series elements. An anime can take advantage of the unsettling vividness to differentiate itself from other anime, namely One Piece. HAS flapjack anime can have the title character explore the world, coming across scary monsters and scenery, creating some exciting nightmare fuel for flapjack fans.

2 Samurai Jack’s Inspirations Lie Directly In Japanese Culture

SamuraiJack has always been praised for its energetic action, developed characters, and visual storytelling. In addition, it has a samurai, a mystic katana, a shapeshifting demon, time-travel, and a dystopian future. SamuraiJack‘s story is ripe for an action/adventure shonen anime.

With more influence from Japanese culture, an anime SamuraiJack can really delve into the culture of feudal Japan, as well as what it means to be a samurai. It can be an exciting venture for fans to see their childhood cartoon recreated into a shonen anime with a similar quality of action and storytelling.

1 Ben 10 Is Always Rebooting Itself

Ben 10 is one of Cartoon Network’s most popular and action-filled franchises. As such, Cartoon Network frequently reboots the show with new designs and stories. At this point, having an actual anime version of Ben 10 isn’t impossible. During and after Ben 10: Alien Forcetea Ben 10 franchise suffered seasonal rot.

As many fans have pointed out, Ben’s character regressed, and the series needlessly switched its tones. The crew behind the anime Ben 10 can account for the original’s flaws, avoiding the same storytelling mistakes. The anime crew can plot out a clear narrative, creating a satisfying show with a set beginning, middle, and end.

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