Government of Dominica Enters Into Agreement With TRON, Set to Issue Fan Token Named Dominica Coin – Sponsored Bitcoin News

sponsored Dominica is a sovereign island nation in the Caribbean Sea, known as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” because of its outstanding natural beauty. Following the signing of a new agreement with TRON, the country is now set to embrace blockchain technology and provide a model for integrating small nations into the global economy … Read more

Mars and Jupiter moons meet

Science & Exploration 10/13/2022 2155 views 28 likes ESA’s Mars Express has captured the rare moment of Mars’ small moon Deimos passing in front of Jupiter and its four largest moons – the focus of ESA’s upcoming Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer launching next year. Celestial alignments like these enable a more precise determination of the … Read more

BitNile, Inc. to Launch Innovative Bitcoin Marketplace Platform Intended to Reimagine Cryptocurrency Transactions

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BitNile Holdings, Inc. (NYSE American: NILE), a diversified holding company (“BitNile” or the “Company”), announced today that its subsidiary, BitNile, Inc. (“BNI”), has begun development of a Bitcoin-based marketplace platform (“Marketplace”), which expects to leverage blockchain and other emerging technologies. BNI believes that the Marketplace will reduce the complexity of transacting in Bitcoin … Read more

Heaviest element yet detected in an exoplanet atmosphere

This artist’s impression shows an ultra-hot exoplanet, a planet beyond our Solar System, as it is about to transit in front of its host star. When the light from the star passes through the planet’s atmosphere, it is filtered by the chemical elements and molecules in the gaseous layer. With sensitive instruments, the signatures of … Read more

Astronomers spot black hole spewing out material three YEARS after shredding a star

A black hole has been spotted ejecting material three years after consuming a star, in what astronomers are comparing to a cosmic burp. Ordinarily, this sort of phenomenon would be witnessed during the event, and the Harvard University researchers are still unsure why the delay has occurred. They monitored the black hole for several months … Read more

A Link Between Humor and Body Image

Summary: Women who use positive humor to describe themselves have a more positive view of their body image than those who use self-deprecating humor. Those who have negative body image and use self-defeating humor are more likely to have worse eating habits. Source: University of Surrey Women who use positive humor to describe themselves have … Read more

Draft Law Seeks to Oblige Kazakhstan’s Crypto Miners to Exchange Bulk of Income in Country – Mining Bitcoin News

Cryptocurrency miners in Kazakhstan are to be required to convert up to three quarters of their income on locally registered exchanges, according to a new bill that’s advancing in the nation’s legislature. Lawmakers also want to make sure crypto companies pay their taxes and fees. Parliament of Kazakhstan Votes on Bill Regulating Activities of Crypto … Read more

Neanderthals and modern humans may have copied each other’s tools | Neanderthals

Modern humans lived alongside Neanderthals for more than 1,000 years in Europe, according to research that suggests the two species may have imitated each other’s jewelery and stone tools. Previously, it was known that humans and their ancient relatives existed at the same time on the European continent for more than 6,000 years and that … Read more